Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.48.27A PROFESSOR of politics visited a Middlesbrough school during election season to discuss democracy.

Students from Ashdale and Parkwood, part of the Complementary Education Service a school for young people who have a range of vulnerabilities and specific needs, took part in the Q&A.

Colin Rallings, Professor at Plymouth University, led the discussion with around 15 young people of secondary school age.

As well as answering their questions on the practicalities of what politicians do and why you should vote, the professor also gave a potted history of democracy – including the origins of the Magna Carta and the Suffragette movement – and asked for their views.

Maxine Tasker, lead practitioner at Complementary Education Service, said   “He is an incredibly knowledgeable person and we asked while he was visiting the area if he would come in and speak with our young people.

“It is about raising awareness among young people so that in the future they think ‘I’m going to go out and vote’

“He was asking questions of them and asking if they would vote, if they agreed with the idea of lowering the voting age, and what they thought about the historical reality that people had fought and died for the vote. We were really lucky to have Prof Rallings here.”