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Energy sector job seekers should consider debt careers say Credit Style

Credit Style, part of the Bristow & Sutor Group, says energy sector workers who have lost their jobs recently should consider changing career paths, highlighting the volume of roles available in debt recovery and the transferable skills that are of interest to employers in the sector.

The current energy crisis has seen over a dozen firms collapse as wholesale energy prices continue to soar. As well as the effect this has on every household and business, countless skilled and professional employees in the sector are finding themselves at risk of suddenly losing their job. There will not be enough vacancies elsewhere for every person that is made redundant at a company that goes into administration and many will be forced to seek employment in new industries.

Debt recovery, collections and enforcement firms are currently on high recruitment drives and much like the healthcare industry, find themselves busier than ever. Most large businesses in the space are advertising for recruits as clients and customers deal with the backlog of cases built up during the coronavirus pandemic as well as an influx of new requirements. This represents a secure and stable career option that has already seen a multitude of diverse candidates from sectors such as retail, hospitality and leisure make a permanent switch.

Credit Style recently saw an 80% increase in incoming calls, mainly attributed to insolvency contracts. As part of the Bristow & Sutor Group, the business has benefited from many technological advancements in recent times, such as the implementation of Ring Central, to help efficiently manage enhanced volumes of cases. In addition to the richer service and new channels and functions this technology provides, such as web chat, there remains an industry-wide need for additional personnel to apply their expertise to support sustained client needs.

Richard Martin, Operations Director at Credit Style says, “Transferable skills can be found in most types of employment, but in some circumstances, this is more direct and specific knowledge and experience is highly appealing. Businesses like ours often have teams of personnel who handle cases of insolvency and the crystalised debt that is formed after a utility provider goes bust. Knowledge of the energy sector is therefore very appealing and an applicant with this type of background will be seen as a valuable resource who can be trained into an expert in our field.

“Safety and security will be important to most people who have been through a turbulent time, but there is no reason to sacrifice ambition for these factors. Companies such as ours, that are part of large groups, represent an opportunity to learn about everything unique teams do across multiple businesses, creating limitless possibilities and potential for reshaping and realigning careers.”

Based in Sheffield, Credit Style is a credit management and debt recovery service designed to flexibly represent bespoke client needs, with experienced teams of collectors and credit management professionals regularly helping businesses recover funds, taking away a time-consuming but essential task so they may focus on their own business priorities. The company is proud to be a member of The Bristow & Sutor Group, alongside Bristow & Sutor and Debt Recovery Plus (DRP), providing ethical, compliance-focused and high-quality solutions to the public and private sectors.