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Engenera involved in educating pupils on their carbon footprint

Thousands of school children attending 11 schools in the Newcastle area will be prompted daily to think more about their carbon footprint and will be educated on how to reduce it, thanks to a significant renewable energy programme by Aura North East in conjunction with partner Engenera Renewables Group, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies.

In partnership with Robertson Facilities Management, Engenera will be installing solar panels complemented by energy storage technology at the schools, all ultimately overseen by Aura, the Newcastle LEP (Local Education Partnership). The project will be funded through phase one of the Government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation scheme with Salix Finance.

In addition to helping the schools reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, Engenera will also install state-of-the-art energy monitoring technology, which will be highly visible and informative in the reception of each school.

The screens will display the school’s energy consumption and carbon savings/footprint in real time, allowing children to take an active interest in the carbon footprint of their place of education, and their teachers to potentially structure lessons and projects around the system.

In April, the UK government brought forward its target of reducing carbon emissions by 78% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2035 – a 15-year reduction on the previous target of 2050. This will mean increased incentives for organisations in all sectors to reduce their carbon footprint and invest in renewable energy projects.

Engenera has broadened its offering this year to encompass a wider range of renewable energy solutions, pivoting to become a decarbonisation partner for organisations seeking a holistic solution to better manage all their energy needs and help them align with government targets.

Engenera is also one of the few renewable energy companies in the UK able to offer renewable energy installations at no capital outlay to customers able to sign power purchase agreements (PPAs). This is because it can access a £100 million green bond programme that is financed by multiple PPAs arranged by Engenera.

Lloyd Lawson, Chief Strategy Officer, Engenera, said:

“This represents a hugely important project for us. It is amazing to be able to use our skills and technology to help 11 schools reduce their bills and carbon footprint, but it is even better to be able to also invest in grassroots education in this way and help inform and educate a new generation of children about the reality of energy generation and how technology can help make things better.”

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