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Essay Writing tricks to make your paper longer

ByDave Stopher

Jul 4, 2020 #education

We all know that the length of an essay is an essential component of any good custom paper. When you follow a prompt’s instructions for size, it shows your professor that you read, and you can fulfill the given requirements. Moreover, it also shows that you put a lot of thought and effort into your writing process. No one wants to be under the minimum word or page count for the final draft. For additional support and resources, essayservice.com can be a helpful tool. It is essential to fill up your paper with great content.

However, you’re struggling with making an essay outline, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you want a better and more extended essay, here are some easy essay writing tricks to make it longer and attractive. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Add Supporting Evidence

The first thing you must do when looking to make your essay longer is to look back at the claims you made. It is fascinating to know that supporting evidence to any ideas that you have put forward in your essay is one of the more straightforward ways to make your essay longer.

However, if you have used a source or two in order to explain a point, it can be beneficial to do some further research on it and add examples to further your argument. It will not only make your research paper longer but will also add depth to your ideas as well as give some added support.

Use Transitional Phrases

One of the natural ways to increase the length of your essay is to use transitional words to jump from one idea to another. It is fascinating to know that hiring the best essay writing service not only increase the size of your paper, but it will also allow the reader to follow thoughts easily. It is recommended to read through your essay and ensure that all the sentences and ideas flow from one to another. It is also something that graders look for a more extended essay. It is essential to know that transitional words link sentences together and make for a clear and concise narrative.

Ensure that You’ve Included Everything

It is suggested to take a look back at the rubric or the prompt for the paper if you’ve included Everything to make your research paper complete. Ask yourself if you have answered all of the questions posed in the prompt.  Try to find something that you have missed in the rubric could be why your paper is shorter than the required length and word count.

Use Quotations

If you are going to write a well-researched paper, it is essential to include quotes. It is surprising to know that quotations are an easy and effective way to add something extra to your argument while also increasing the essay’s word quote. It is also an excellent way to spice up your essay. Just like it work in book writing and most good authors have mastered this writing skill.

A quotation doesn’t just add a good outlook to your writing but it is also an essential tool to validate the argument you are presenting in the work that you are doing. A direct quote can lay the foundation for the upcoming thesis in your piece as well. Essays.uk recommends using at least  2 to 3 quotes in an essay to gain the readers’ trust for the data or arguments being communicated.

Moreover, quotations increase the size of the essay, but it also shows that other writers agree with your ideas and arguments. Make sure that you have formatted the quotes correctly and cited any sources.

Review Your Introduction and Conclusion

You can involve ideas as you’re writing. It is essential to take a second look at your introduction. You can also learn that you have left out critical information that aids the reader in understanding your arguments.

The same suggestion can be said for the conclusion of the essay. It is essential to make sure that all your key points have been summarized, and you have given the reader a solution to the arguments that you’ve made.

Breakup Paragraphs

If a minimum page count is an issue of your essays, this may be easy to do without making your article unreadable. Moreover, when a deadline is approaching, reaching an essay’s minimum word count seems a challenge.

You can use these tips to add length to your research paper. Moreover, it will also make it more understandable for the reader.