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According to the Statistics 2017 Global consumer survey which surveyed the use of health apps in India, about 33% of the overall respondents have used the fitness app in the past 12 months.  This confirms to that fact the fitness apps are gaining awareness not only in urban cities but also in the developing towns. The enormous growth of the smart phone technologies and its affordability earned many customers to use a fitness app with ease. Health conscious is another factor in the younger generations as well as older adults trying to get up to the speed with the help of useful fitness training apps

Now, let us investigate some of the essential features required for a functional, easy to use fitness application.

  • Easy Check-In

The new sign up process should be clear and straightforward. The best fitness apps should get only the currently relevant information from the new user to get started like age, weight, height, and gender is sufficient for quick registration. But not bombard the user with a series of personal information like mailing address, special life events days, employment status or “about me” sections, etc.

If they can use other social media credentials to log in it will be great so that they not only save the time for providing the details but also no need to remember additional passwords.

  • Customized Tracker

The fitness app should give the user an ability to track their performances by many metrics like by weekly or monthly and provide a graphical representation of the same. These tracking systems are ensuring if the workout session is consistent.

  • Advanced Geo-Location Tracker

Geo-Location tracker is an advanced option for tracking the fitness routines, and it is being implemented in fitness apps in recent times. It uses cutting-edge technology, it detects and streams the live real-time map. It is useful for outdoor fitness routines like jogging or walking. It allows the user to investigate the traffic or any detours in his way and check whether his route is clear of traffic.

  • Pedometer

Walking is an essential activity for any healthy individual or people with diabetics. Walking is the first recommended solution by the doctors across the world for any medical condition like obesity, maintain calorie count, and prevent depression, sugar and much more.

A pedometer helps to track your walking steps in a day/ week/ month time. Your Fitness app should contain Pedometer feature, which quickly determines the number of steps walked in a day and how many calories it helped to burn. Some pedometer feature also includes the amount of water intake accordingly to your walking steps to make sure the user is not dehydrated. Go hands free by buying a wearable lightweight armband for better convenience.

  • Audio / Video Guide

A simple do’s and don’ts guide either an audio or quick video for each activity is sufficient to get started. Little knowledge of fitness routines may cause injuries to the users especially to the first-timers in fitness training. Unless we practice the right way, the time and energy spend on these training routines will not yield the desired results.

  • Setting Workout Goals

One of the critical feature to look for in any fitness apps are setting a desired workout goal. Here customizing plays the vital role, in establishing the goals. The app should provide the user with various options like calorie burner, muscle building or overall weight reduction. Once the user selects an appropriate goal, then he should work towards achieving that target. The app will provide a review of the workout sessions, and it intensifies as he progresses week by week. The ryderwear fitness make gym clothes for men and women to empower people to live their best life.

  • Sleep Tracker

Another critical feature of any fitness app is the inclusion of a sleep tracker. Sleep is the first easily compromised habits in the current lifestyle. The amount of workouts routine will give the best result with sound sleep. The user should follow a discipline while setting the actual sleep time and wake up time in the fitness app. If the user genuinely enters the sleep timing, then it will benefit him and modify the routines to slight lesser intense in case of disturbed sleep.

  • Diet Tracker

Fitness and diet go hand in hand. By keeping track of the food intake and its calories makes it easier to achieve the fitness goal. These are some of the essentials features implemented in any best fitness apps.