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Eternal Return Season 6: Beachside Splash Arrives, Bringing New Content, Characters, And More

ByDave Stopher

Jun 17, 2022 #Gaming, #kids

Bring the heat in this Summer themed season of Eternal Return

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 26 2022: Kakao Games and Nimble Neuron are happy to announce Season 6: Beachside Splash is now available for all players in Eternal Return. The fresh and exciting update brings a new character, mode, and many more changes to the game.

To kick things off in Season 6, players can take advantage of new updates to Eternal Return, including two new transfer systems in the form of drones and consoles which can be used with credits. Players can obtain this currency by slaying the new mutant wild animals or test subjects that can be found in-game.

Markus also joins the game as a brand-new playable character in Eternal Return Season 6, who embodies a strong persona, but maintains a heart of gold at the same time.

Additionally, the Season 6 check-in event is available until June 8th 07:59 PT, where players can participate in a roulette to win prizes from in-game currency to gaming peripherals by completing a variety of daily missions. 

Later in the season on June 9, players can expect the arrival of the new game mode known as Cobalt Protocol, where two teams of four battle in an objective-based match. 

A brand-new Season Pack for players to dive into the game is available at 50% for a limited time (9,900 NP) until June 8. The pack comes with the ER Pass, 4 characters, 12 skins, emotes and more. 

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