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Exploring Yorkshire’s Best Splash Pads and Water Play Areas


Jun 25, 2024 #Yorkshire

Yorkshire is home to a variety of splash pads and water play areas, perfect for families seeking fun and refreshing activities. These locations offer diverse experiences, from urban water parks to scenic woodland splash zones, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here’s a roundup of some of the best spots to enjoy water play in Yorkshire.

1. Clifton Park Water Splash, Rotherham

Clifton Park’s Water Splash is a popular destination featuring various water play structures and fountains. The park is ideal for families, offering free entry with specific sessions for toddlers. Always check their operating hours and any booking requirements before visiting​ (Welcome to Yorkshire)​.

2. Rivelin Valley Splash, Sheffield

Rivelin Valley Splash is a hidden gem nestled in a scenic woodland setting. This free water park includes jets, sprinklers, bucket drops, and water tables, making it a fantastic spot for a family day out. The surrounding nature trails add to the appeal, providing a beautiful backdrop for water play​ (The Yorkshireman)​.

3. East Park Water Play Area, Hull

East Park in Hull boasts a newly refurbished water play area with 43 water jets. It’s free to enter but requires pre-booking due to limited spaces. The park is equipped with toilets, picnic tables, and shaded areas, making it a convenient and enjoyable location for a summer outing​ (Yorkshire Tots to Teens)​.

4. Normanby Hall Country Park Splash Pad, North Lincolnshire

The splash pad at Normanby Hall Country Park operates during the summer months and features a variety of water play equipment. Admission is free for children under five, while older children and adults pay a small fee. This spot is great for a family visit, offering fun and engaging water activities​ (Doncaster Mumbler)​.

5. AQUA-TEK at Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

AQUA-TEK is one of the UK’s largest outdoor water play zones, located at the Magna Science Adventure Centre. It includes cannons, spray arches, dumping buckets, and water wheels. Access to AQUA-TEK is included with general admission to the centre, making it a fantastic addition to a day of exploration and learning​ (Doncaster Mumbler)​.

6. Canch Splash Park, Worksop

Currently undergoing upgrades, Canch Splash Park will soon feature new play equipment, including an aqua dome, tipping buckets, and spray cannons. This revitalized park promises an exciting experience for visitors once completed​ (Doncaster Mumbler)​.

7. Langold Country Park, Worksop

Langold Country Park’s sea-themed splash pad offers a wide variety of water features across a 45-meter interactive play zone. With a pirate ship, jet sprays, boulders, a splash slide, and a water table, there are hours of free fun to be had. The splash pad operates seasonally from May through September, weather permitting​ (Doncaster Mumbler)​.

8. Huddersfield Leisure Centre Splash Park

Huddersfield Leisure Centre houses an indoor splash park featuring water buckets, jets, a lazy river, and slides. This venue is perfect for any weather, providing a range of water activities suitable for all ages. Admission fees apply, with options for both short visits and extended stays combined with other leisure activities​ (Welcome to Yorkshire)​.

9. Whitby Paddling Pool

Located on the West Cliff of Whitby, this free paddling pool offers a scenic splash play experience overlooking the sea. It’s an excellent spot for a refreshing dip and is conveniently situated near snack stands and toilets​ (Yorkshire Tots to Teens)​.

10. Bridlington Paddling Pool, South Beach

Bridlington’s South Beach features a free children’s paddling pool with a picturesque view of the sea and an adjacent picnic area. This location is ideal for a relaxed family day out by the water​ (Yorkshire Tots to Teens)​.

11. Wentworth Garden Centre

The sand and water play area at Wentworth Garden Centre includes a pirate ship climbing frame and is accessible with admission to the family farm. This combination of farm animal interactions and water play makes it a unique and enjoyable destination for families​ (Doncaster Mumbler)​.


Yorkshire’s splash pads and water play areas offer diverse and exciting options for family outings. Whether you prefer a natural woodland setting or a bustling urban water park, these locations provide the perfect backdrop for summer fun. Make sure to check operating hours and any booking requirements to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit.

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