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Five Benefits Of Adding Window Film To Your Building


Mar 1, 2020 #life

Multiple large windows are popular building features, however, the additional daylight flowing through on sunny days can become a hindrance. Loads of daylight is healthy for workers and can even boost productivity, however, it can also lead to a distracting glare and the flood of heat can be pricey to manage.  Retrofitting these windows can help attain energy, productivity and aesthetic aims at a much lower price than window replacement.  Here are five benefits of adding window film to your building.

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Less Glare And More Cheaper Bills

Some window wraps can block various sections of the solar spectrum to lower heat, glare and block UV rays.

Sunlight is made up of three components:

  • Ultraviolet radiation – The part which can cause fading interiors and skin cancer.
  • Noticeable light – The part which can be seen. This part causes glare.
  • Near infrared light – This part is invisible but is responsible for heat gain.

Understanding the variance between the different parts is essential to choosing the right window wrap if solar control is what you’re after.

Customizable Transmission And Reflection

Window wrap with decorative designs such as an art deco window film is expanding both in popularity and variety. On the exterior of a building, you may necessitate a reflective bronze appearance, however, on the inside greys or blues may be more appealing. Manufacturers can change the transmission and reflection rates so that different colors can be seen, contingent on which side of the window you’re on. Have a look at Evowrap to find out more about window film options.

Aesthetic Branding And Advantages

Window wrap with decorative designs is expanding both in popularity and variety. You can now purchase window films that mimics stained or frosted glass or that features a bamboo-style design. Some designs are screen-printed into the wrap itself to add accent to the windows. These films can be detailed with or without energy control or you an opt for a thick type that holds the glass together in case of breakage.

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Security and Safety

Window wrap buyers are often under the impression that window film acts as a shatterproof barrier, however this is not true. Window film can prevent the glass from shattering and keep the glass fragments together in the event of the glass breaking. This generally means that the broken glass remains in place in the window as opposed to scattering all over, keeping the rain and wind out of the building during a storm and it can also make it trickier for intruders to gain access to the building through the broken window. It lowers the risk of flying glass pieces butcan’t prevent the glass from breaking.

Generating Energy

Fresh research on window wraps suggest that building owners can create more energy from windows instead of lowering the amount of energy which is wasted by a HVAC system. The thin films can help to get as much energy from energy sources than would be otherwise the case. The film is fewer than hundred nanometers thick and can create up to five hundred and twenty-six watts per cubic centimetre at nineteen percent effectiveness.

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