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Five Top Time Management Tips ‘Fit Body, Fit Business’ Book Out Today

ByDave Stopher

Jan 16, 2017

Five Top Time Management Tips  ‘Fit Body, Fit Business’ Book Out Today

“Mo Farah’s former training partner shares what it takes to transform ‘good’ athletes into world-class top 1% winners in the business world.”

Adam Strong, CEO of Elite Corporate Fitness, has an excellent track record with leaders and businesses to improve performance by up to 300%. An ultra-high performance troubleshooter with a unique advantage, Adam tackles issues such as absenteeism, presenteeism, high staff turnover, and low team morale, by applying the same goal-setting techniques used by elite world class athletes. From SMEs to listed, global corporations, Adam has extensive experience in inspiring people to live a healthier way of life, which ultimately results in happier working environments, motivated teams … and bigger profits.

In ‘Fit Body, Fit Business’, you can discover how a little physical fitness can result in a lot of business fitness by enabling you and your employees to generate more energy and focus.

Discover how your organisation can become faster, more agile, more efficient and more competitive.

A former elite athlete, Adam is now an entrepreneur, corporate productivity authority, author and speaker. He has a unique perspective for businesses seeking to increase productivity, decrease costs and get a better return on investment in high salaried executives, and in his latest book shares his 10 Olympic Champion winning techniques for building a gold medal worthy business. Adam also offers advice to HR directors and runs HR masterclass in the UK, which guarantee time and money savings. He also runs The Association of Extraordinary PAs, a social enterprise creating PAs who aspire to become the top 1% in their industry.

Example questions that the author & the book can answer:

  • Why don’t some businesses see their employees’ health and wellbeing as valuable?
  • How can I keep my employees happy?
  • What tools increase staff performance and employee engagement?
  • 96% of businesses are SMEs in the UK and many are lacking in the resources available to bigger corporations, what elite performance advice would you offer small business owners?
  • My team are not as motivated as they used to be, what advice do you have to improve employee motivation and job satisfaction?

About the Author

Adam Strong is a corporate productivity authority, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, speaker and trainer. Regularly called upon by the press for editorial comment and commissions, he has featured in the BBC, The Guardian, People Management, HR Grapevine and Global Woman magazines. Adam is also a regular on the inspirational speaking circuit and enjoys presenting at business events and conferences. He creates and implements bespoke productivity enhancement programmes for businesses that want to see increased profitability, more engaged employees and a healthier workforce.

His clients know him for employing his experience as a former elite athlete to create high performing work cultures. Adam’s clients can expect their businesses to be more productive and profitable, and to fulfill employees’ potential both in their professional and personal lives.

Adam loves helping people, it’s in his DNA, and his mission is to solve the productivity crisis that affects not just businesses but entire economies.

Adam lives in Windsor, Berkshire. His passions include travel, scuba diving, sport, and anything to do with the sea plus ‐ most important of all ‐ spending time with his children.