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Flower business blooms during the Covid crisis

ByDave Stopher

Apr 14, 2021

For many businesses out there, 2020 was a tough year. Even with government assistance, the prospects were bleak. Closures and redundancies have swept the nation. One small business however, has managed to thrive in the post-Covid world and brought forth a ray of light in a sector which has struggled for positivity.

Flowers & Plants Co. are a trail-blazing small florist with a lot to look forward to. An independent floral designer, they’re on a mission to bring 7 day flower delivery to customers across the UK. Sound too good to be true? Well, he’s the lowdown.

Flowers & Plants Co. are set up on a new principle, with a new approach to flower delivery. So, rather than outsourcing their nationwide deliveries to other florists, they ship each bouquet from the London studio to customers across Britain. This ensures their vibrant design quality, flair for colour and dynamic creations are not diluted or changed by third party sources. In essence, Flowers & Plants Co. offer the highest quality, most vivacious flowers delivered exactly when customers need them most. And by controlling the production quality, they make sure every Flowers & Plants Co. bouquet arrives looking fresh and fabulous, exactly as the florists intended it.

Trusted professional couriers, along with extensive, specialist packing, mean blooms from Flowers & Plants Co. always arrive in immaculate condition, beautifully presented and as fresh as the moment they left the studio. This promise to customers is rigorously upheld, and Flowers & Plants Co. guarantee a next day re-delivery if a bouquet is not up to the required standard.

This is all part of what makes Flowers & Plants Co. different, and what has helped them grow in the last year. The company is set on offering customers a new way to order flowers, and providing a service which is unlike any other. Flowers & Plants Co. are in a small minority of florists which can offer nationwide delivery 7 days a week, especially when it’s taken into consideration that there is no inflation of delivery price.

One fixed, affordable rate is all customers will pay for their flower delivery, wherever the bouquet is destined. However, for all the last-minute gifts, Flowers & Plants Co. do offer bespoke delivery packages, like their 3-hour guarantee delivery, or their morning shipment slots, which are available across London.

Carnation and Roses £24.99Sunny Spells £24.99

Fantastic 7 day flower delivery sets Flowers & Plants Co. apart from the crowd. And their quality blooms – sourced from the UK and internationally – make them a florist worth exploring. From English roses to the finest Dutch flowers, the range on offer at Flowers & Plants Co. is top notch. And with experienced florists working 7 days a week at their London studio, there’s always a seasonal bouquet that’s just right.

From birthday flowers and anniversary gifts, Flowers & Plants Co. have it covered. Their collections have something for every occasion. Whether saying thank you to a close friend or reaching out to family members in hospital, there’s a range of bouquets that fit the occasion. From bright and boisterous designs to classic white tones, the florists at Flowers & Plants Co. create beautiful arrangements for a variety of occasions.

wedding centerpieces
Flowers & Plants Co. also provide wedding flowers for couples, and offer fee quotes and consultations on request. This service is available for customers across the country, with a range of prices and styles to suit every budget and vision. Handcrafted by experienced florists, all wedding arrangements are delivered and installed by professional couriers and florists, so you can enjoy gorgeous flowers on the big day and tick another thing of the to-do list.

As a bold and innovative florist, Flowers & Plants Co. are leading the way in the floral industry. There’s little doubt that with their fast delivery, quality products and unmissable offers, they will continue to attract customers from Abergavenny to Aberdeen.


Featured image by RitaE from Pixabay