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Following the Northern Lights: Everything You Need to Know

ByDave Stopher

Nov 18, 2021

You don’t have to be an astronomy lover to develop an immense interest in the Northern Lights facts or what is also called the Aurora Borealis. This celestial phenomenon can mesmerize anyone’s eyes. And if the pink, green, and yellow haze dancing in the pitch-black sky looks captivating in pictures, it will surely be dazing to see it face to face.

As many travelers put this fantastic spectacle at the top of their ultimate travel bucket list, you should, too. If you live in a condominium in a business district and like watching the city lights at night, you will definitely marvel over the beauty of the Northern Lights.

However, it would be best to create an elaborate plan to be sure that you can catch them. There are only a few places you can go to maximize the experience, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Read on to find out just how you can do that.

What Are the Northern Lights?

If there were a visual representation for the word romantic, the northern lights would be a top contender. However, the explanation behind why this phenomenon occurs can’t get any farther from that. It’s very much similar to how a neon sign works. See, not very exciting.

The sun emits ions. These are electrically-charged particles. They travel away from the sun because of what we know as the solar wind. When these ions come in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, its magnetic field deflects them.

And if you can recall your high school physics, where is the magnetic field of the Earth weak? At the poles. This is why there are only a few places on Earth where you can catch the Aurora.

Because the magnetic field is weak, the ions sneak into the Earth’s atmosphere in these areas. The Arctic Circle is called the Aurora Zone, and this is where you need to head if you want to see the magic happen live. This also occurs at the South Pole; however, the Aurora Australis is harder to catch because it is less visible.

When Is the Best Time to Go?

Most people search for the best places to see the lights first. A quest to see them is different from your usual travel. Not everyone who sets out to see the light succeeds. To increase your chances, you have to select your time frame strategically.

Since they appear visible against the dark sky, choosing to go when the nights are long is ideal. Schedule your trip in the months of August to April.

Where Are the Best Places to See the Northern Lights?

The closer you are to the aurora zone, the better are your chances. These countries in the northern hemisphere are used to welcoming travelers in search of the Aurora.


Travel away from the light pollution of the cities of Iceland.Öskjuhlið is an ideal location. There is a museum in this park which houses the only planetarium in the country. Aside from the lights, your eyes will be blessed by the icy beauty of Iceland’s volcanoes, woodland, glaciers, and mountains. Get on an observation deck to enjoy Iceland’s best views.


Finland is one of the best places to visit for the Aurora. The country is blessed with 200 nights every year of aurora appearance. Moreover, Lapland is home to Santa Claus and thousands of reindeer. In Lapland, you can stay in an igloo while you stare at the magnificentlights.


Sweden is also a go-to for aurora hunters. Sweden’s icy villages have witnessed the Aurora many times. In fact, many adventures await travelers here to keep them occupied while they wait. You can find the famous Ice Hotel here. It’s such a splendid treat to be staying in sculpted ice rooms.

More Tips Before You Go

You may join a tour as there are many of them. However, since the chance of seeing the lights depend on atmospheric conditions, it’s not guaranteed. You need to be as flexible as possible just in case you need to stay for a few more nights to be successful.Two to three nights may not be enough of a time frame to allow for significant changes in the conditions of the atmosphere.

You can also use apps that help predict the occurrence of the lights, so you don’t have to depend on inference.

Schedule other things that you can do while you wait to see the Aurora. You will indeed fund a lot of touristy activities all around the location that you will choose.