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Four Developments in the World of Vaping

Just as in any other area of product development, these days, as soon as you’ve invested in the latest model, it seems as if a newer, more sophisticated release is just around the corner.

Vaping and specifically, vaping technology is certainly no different, and with this in mind, read on to learn of the top four developments in the world of vaping.


1.    Zero Nicotine Vape Kits

First and foremost, seasoned vapers and specifically, vapers who are intent on becoming entirely vape-free eventually, are moving towards vape liquids containing absolutely no trace of nicotine.

As more and more people are choosing this route, manufacturers are naturally responding accordingly and are beginning to offer a wider and more enticing range of nicotine-free e-liquids and pre-filled vape pens.

It would be worth mentioning that, according to the results of several polls amongst UK vapers, that many people are reporting an impressive taste enhancement experience in vaping liquid that contains no nicotine whatsoever.


2.    A Shift Away from Disposables

In 2024 and beyond, the UK government is concentrating its efforts on reducing the amount of litter and waste in landfill sites across the country, and as such, it is encouraging a push towards reusable vapes over the one-off, disposable kinds.

Reusability and recyclability are not only moral, ethical ways of thinking for vaping manufacturers, but are also important considerations for the good of the planet and humankind in general, and now everyone is aware of the negative impact that disposable vapes have had on the environment.

Reusable vapes are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also enhance the user experience due to the wider range of flavours available.


3.    Pod Vapes

Another exciting development for vapers is the pod vape, which is fast becoming one of the most popular styles of vape of them all.

Vape pods online bought from a renowned retailer are not only exceedingly affordable, but don’t come with a tank attached to the battery, and instead work by holding the e-liquid inside a plastic pod, meaning that pod vapes are considerably more durable.

You could either choose to try a prefilled pod vaping kit, which is certainly beginner-friendly and requires little to no maintenance, or else a refillable pod kit, which is an eco-friendlier option. It’s usually slighter larger, and of course, provides a larger range of e-liquid flavours.


4.    Smart Vapes

These days, it seems that virtually every gadget and technological device is now preceded by the word ‘smart’, and vaping technology is certainly no different.

From smart vaping kits that can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, to proposed AI technology that allows users to personalise adjustments to their kits in terms of temperature control, airflow, and wattage, smart vapes are one of leading changes that are set to hit the market.

Linking your vape to your mobile phone will also allow you to more accurately monitor your daily and weekly nicotine intake, as well as providing you with a plethora of other usage insights.


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