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Four Specifications Gamers Should Look Out For When Buying a Gaming Monitor


Oct 5, 2018

A gaming monitor is almost as vital to your gaming experience as your PC. That is why picking the right monitor is important. There are numerous options out there with specifications you probably aren’t too familiar with. Don’t worry; we have the insights you’ll need to pick the best monitor for yourself.

Panel Types

When it comes to panel types there is no consensus as to which one is best for gaming. It solely depends on your own preference. There are three main types of panels in gaming monitors: twisted nematic (TN), in-plane switching (IPS) and vertical alignment (VA).

Each of the panels has its own advantages and disadvantages. TN has the best response rate out of the three, and VA has more depth and color reproduction. VA is a better mix of response rate and image quality, but that means neither feature is at its highest level of performance. If picture quality is important, IPS is your best bet.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate on monitors determines how often the image on the screen is refreshed by the monitor. The higher the refresh rate, the more detail, and fluidity the image will have. This is important especially when you play games that are fast-paced, like first-person shooters.

As a gamer, you want to aim for around 120 to 144 Hz for refresh rates, and you will notice a huge difference in a 144 Hz monitor. Picking the right monitor is not easy so you can check out Gaming Rig 144Hz monitors for the best in the market.

Screen Resolution

The resolution of a monitor is dependent on the number of pixels it contains. Like with any screen, the more pixels there are, the better the image quality. As a gamer, you want to spend a little more and get better technology.

This means opting for the 4K/UHD monitor which has a 2160p resolution. The monitor will be more expensive but it is worth the money. However, if you can’t spend that much, then a full HD 1080p monitor should also get the job done.

Screen Size

It might seem larger is always better when it comes to the size of your screen. However, a screen that’s too large can actually make it hard for you to game properly. Imagine sitting in front of a 50” monitor and having to look up at everything on it. The size would make it hard for you to keep track of what is going on at times and probably cause strain in your neck. Keep it simple when it comes to size, and don’t opt for anything bigger than 27”.

If you are in the market for a new monitor, pay close attention to these specifications. They will make the difference between just another monitor and that gaming monitor you have been waiting for. Remember, the monitor is almost as important as the PC when it comes to the optimal gaming experience.

By ozfetch