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Four Steps for Organizing a Backyard Event in Your Home

ByDave Stopher

Nov 2, 2021

There is no shortage of advice for people who want to organize a small backyard event for the family. You’ll find elegant styling ideas, as well as do-it-yourself hacks that will turn your backyard into a rustic-themed restaurant. But whether you want to host something extra fabulous or something simple, you need to know a few basic steps to achieve that dream party in your head.

Find the Space for It

First and foremost, do you have the outdoor space for it? It’s one thing to want to organize an outdoor event for the family, but it’s another thing entirely to want it and not have the space you need. How many are you having as guests? While you have a fairly spacious backyard than the average, you might be surprised to find your guests all squeezed in together during the day of the event.

Remember that some people are still not comfortable doing away with social distancing, so think of how much space you have in your backyard. If you do not have the right space, you can either find someone else to host the party or trim down your guest list. You can also think about opening up your deck or patio, especially if you have electric patio awnings that will provide shade for your guests. This will carve out more space for your guests.

Stick to Simple, DIY Décor

You’re already hosting your event outdoors. You have enough décor there such as the plants, flowers, and shrubberies. Wrap string lights around the trees and plants. Stick some solar lamps along the walkway or pathway. These are very basic décor pieces that will turn your backyard into a beautiful outdoor venue for your loved ones.

If you have time, you can repurpose some indoor or old furniture. If you’re into a rustic theme, an old coffee table can be converted into a buffet table. How about the old ratty sofa in your basement? You can re-upholster that yourself and use it as an outdoor bench for your guests. There are plenty of ways to incorporate indoor furniture into your outdoor event. As long as the weather permits it, you can bring out your indoor furniture to create a lovely space outside.

Keep the Menu Simple

Again, there’s no use trying to wow your guests with extravagant appetizers and entrees. Obviously, you’re in this backyard party because you want to spend time with loved ones. If they are expecting ribeye steaks and caviars, you would’ve all decided to hold this party in a nearby hotel or restaurant. You have two options here: you can have a potluck party or you can ask them to chip in for the food and do all the grocery and cooking yourself. Of course, you can also be the one to spend on the food.

Keeping the menu simple-barbecues, mini triangle sandwiches, grilled sausages, salad, and beers-will create a fuss-free event. You can have a build-your-own bar for tacos, nachos, salad, ice cream (if there are kids), and more. These bars are very simple to create. All you need is a big enough table to hold all the ingredients for the dish.

How about the drinks? A nice party should be without hard liquor. You never know who among your loved ones will get so intoxicated by midnight that they will start revealing scandals in the family. Keep the drinks on the lighter side. Beers, mojitos, and mocktails are great options. They’ll give you enough buzz without the sloppy embarrassing actions of someone who has drunk way too much alcohol.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

Always consider how comfortable your guests are going to be. No one will want to stay at this party if he/she is going to need to bathe in mosquito spray or put patches all over their clothes. Keep pests away with a few simple tricks: remove standing water, place fans in the area, have repellent wipes available, cover the food, and use citronella candles.

How about access to the restroom? Make sure your restroom is prepared with rolls of tissue paper, a garbage can, and scented soaps for your guests. Also, let everyone know where it is, so they won’t have to have a hard time looking for it when they need to go.

These four steps will ensure the success of any backyard party. With these in mind, you’re keeping your guests safe, comfortable, and well-fed, which is the whole point of organizing an outdoor event for them. Soon, you’ll feel comfortable enough to host another party again.