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Fun for free: Build your video game library without spending any money

ByDave Stopher

Jul 4, 2019 #casino, #Gaming

Video games more affordable than ever. Even though AAA games are not cheap, they get huge discounts months or even weeks after they’ve been released. Many digital distribution platforms such are Steam or Origin are having periodic sales, where discounts go up to 90 percent, so for a few pounds, you get tons of games, probably more than you’ll have time to play. Still, we are going to talk about free games this time.

If you are playing on PC, the best thing you could do is to make an account on Steam, Origin, Epic Store and UPlay digital distribution platforms. You should download and install their clients, which is all for free. That is necessary as periodically all of these platforms are giving away games for free. Sometimes it’s old games like Theme Hospital on Origin or even newer ones as Assassin’s Creed IV on UPlay or Age of Wonders III on Steam. It’s essential to act fast, as while these games are free, usually, you’ll have only a few days to grab them. If you do that on time, they are yours to keep forever. That means you can download them and reinstall whenever you want to. Don’t confuse this with games that are free for a limited amount of time. It often happens that even games that are less than a year old are free to play for a weekend or even more, but after the period ends, you’ll have to buy them to continue playing. Still, this is another way to try newer games for free and experience them, especially if they lack demos.

If you love online games, mainly MMOs, you are in luck! While in the past, almost all of these games were based on the subscription model (World of Warcraft, for example), today, nearly all are free. That means that you could play them today, especially if you love battle royale games like incredibly popular Fortnite then here are some of the Best Fortnite Settings. There is always a catch, of course, as these games are bringing revenue through microtransactions. While gamers around the world hate that word, they also don’t mind this practice if it doesn’t give anyone an unfair advantage.

In most cases, real money is used only to buy cosmetic items, like hats, a piece of clothes, or something else that will make your character look unique. You should check some of the lists of online games and inform yourself are they worth your time. Many games don’t even need to install as you can play them via a web browser. When it comes to consoles, the situation is not that good, as both Xbox and Sony consoles are asking for a subscription to play online. Still, there are games like, Smite, DC Universe Online or Fortnite which don’t require it. Nevertheless, if you are a member of PSN+ or Xbox Live Gold, you’ll get a few games every month which are yours to keep for as long as you are a subscriber.