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Funding and Withdrawal Options That Make EagleFX an Incredible Trading Site

When you search for an online broker to trade Forex or crypto, you question whether the site has reliable liquidity execution venues. Well, one website sure does, and that’s EagleFX. It has optimal trading conditions that use traditional grade liquidity so that traders don’t face a problem while funding or withdrawing money. They are partners with some of the best liquidity execution venues and top investment banks that help investors get access to an ideal trading condition.

Funding methods

The massive connections of EagleFX ensure that you stay informed about the best prices and tightest spreads of the Forex market. With real-time updates, you can expect to cruise through your initial few days on the website. Everything, starting from funding to withdrawal is so easy that even an amateur can understand how to operate the site.

If you are ready to trade, you may want to know some of the funding methods that this platform supports.

Regardless of what funding method you choose, the website will not charge a penny on deposits. You can start trading by depositing as little as $10. Traders who switch between Forex and crypto will find this site very useful. If they have idle Bitcoins in their online wallet, they can use them on Forex trades. There’s a slight dip in the crypto market in the last couple of years, but that shouldn’t stop you from using your Bitcoins. If you don’t want to use them soon in the crypto trading platforms, you should utilize this avenue for better returns.

Withdrawal methods

Traders enjoy free withdrawals whenever they want. EagleFX doesn’t charge any transaction fees on withdrawing money. They have an expert payment team that reviews all the transactions in detail before processing the withdrawal. This helps to ensure a quick withdrawal every time you request to take money from your online wallet.

The website uses a closed-loop policy for all their withdrawal transactions. This is to make sure that there is no breach of client information during online fund transfer. They transfer the money in the same method that you used to deposit in the first place. The anti-money laundering regulations prevent websites from using a different withdrawal system. So, if you used wire transfers to deposit money, you can only withdraw money using that same method.

Apart from wire transfers, the site uses Bitcoin and debit and credit cards to send money to your bank account. They advise that you should use Bitcoin while funding your Forex account. It has the fastest withdrawal time. The second fastest is card withdrawals. However, the speed of transaction depends on the bank or the card provider. Bank wire transfers are usually slow. It takes a couple of working days for the bank to transfer the funds. But, it is the most secure withdrawal option.

If you have any doubts regarding funding or withdrawing money to and from your account, you should contact their customer service team. They are open 24 x 7 to help traders.

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