Pn3853 Your Vision 2MIDDLESBROUGH Mayor Ray Mallon says the town is in “good hands” for the future following a question and answer session with local primary school children.


Pupils from ten schools across the town accepted an invitation to quiz the Elected Mayor in a special event held at Middlesbrough Town Hall titled Your Vision.


In a question and answer session in the Council Chamber the youngsters, all aged ten and eleven, grilled Mr Mallon on everything ranging from the council tax rise to his opinion on parmos.


Mr Mallon, who on standing down as the Elected Mayor in May will join the MFC Foundation, working for free to inspire and educate the town’s young people, said he had enjoyed the Q&A.


He said: “One of the questions from the children was ‘what is the best thing about being the Elected Mayor?’


“The answer was simple – the best thing about being the Elected Mayor is talking to pupils from primary schools and these children were all stars in their own right.


“The questions they asked were all interesting and indicated how much they care about their town and their schools.


“One of the things I often say is the only guarantee for the future is our young people. When I speak to our young people such as these I know the town is in good hands.”


Before the question and answer session the 18 youngsters had amongst themselves discussed their own future visions for Middlesbrough, focusing on the questions ‘What do you like about Middlesbrough?’, ‘What needs improving?’ and ‘What would you like Middlesbrough to look like in the future?’.