• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

North East Connected

Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

1) Base Wireless Charger, £19.99 from ThumbsUp.

Need battery in a hurry? This Base Wireless Charger from Thumbs Up will have your Smartphone refuelled up in no time at all. Stylish and slimline, Base suitably blends into your space, either at home or at work. Simply connect the wireless charger to a power source and place your phone on top of it, it couldn’t be easier. Compatible with all smartphones that support Qi charging the Base Wireless Charger is designed for modern day living, injecting innovation into our power-hungry and hectic lifestyles.

2) AnySharp Twist, £9.99 from Amazon.

Make light work of even the bluntest kitchen knives with the AnySharp Twist. Comprising of a fresh new, modern look just like its name you can certainly admire the beautifully curved silhouette of the Twist. Whether you’re slicing meat or dicing vegetables the AnySharp Twist even works it’s magic on hardened steel and serrated knives. Using a PowerGrip suction cup ensures this sharpener can be securely attached to any smooth surface or worktop, choose from colours black, cream or red to complement your kitchen’s aesthetic.

3) RC Wall Climbing Car, £19.99 from Thumbs Up.

Hold on to your hats and defy gravity with this off the rails R/C Wall Climbing Car from Thumbs Up. Taking the humble remote control car and giving it one almighty upgrade, using vacuum suction technology, this car can be used on any walls, windows and even the ceiling in one simple switch. So for boys who love there toys this zero gravity remote control car is not only cool but also endlessly fun. Turn your walls into a race track and don’t forget to take a sharp turn around those surprise picture frames!

4) Wallet Ninja, £8.99 from Thumbs Up.

The ideal gadget for the everyday warrior, it’s the Wallet Ninja from Thumbs Up  to help you make your way through life’s little mishaps with no trouble. Each of the 16 tools in this one nifty credit card sized gadget of 1.5mm four times heat treated steel will never rust or bend. To help you tackle life’s little challenges on a daily basis, this pocket multi tool includes 3 screwdrivers; 6 hex head nuts & bolts; bottle, can & letter opener; box cutter; ruler, phone stand & peeler, the Wallet Ninja has it all so be sure it’s always in easy reach.

5) Shot Mini Emergency Charger, (Android) £9.99 from ThumbsUp, (iPhone) £9.99 fromThumbsUp

When that pesky ‘low battery’ symbol starts flashing and you’re miles away from a plug socket, don’t panic! While it may look small, don’t underestimate it’s powerful charging capabilities. Simply plug this wireless Shot Mini Emergency Charger from Thumbs Up directly into your iPhone or Android and let the 2000mAh battery work its magic. No unnecessary messy wires, it’s super compact, lightweight, portable size ensures this Shot easily fits in your pocket or backpack for busy life on the go – it’s a must have nifty little gadget.

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