• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

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Get a third off the price of an EV home charging point in Nissan’s super Summer Sale

Nissan has teamed up with the energy company E.ON to offer generous discounts on electric vehicle home chargers in a special Summer Sale.

The offer is available to past and current purchasers of new and used electric vehicles at your local Nissan dealership or via the registration form at https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-business/nissan-ev-charging-consumer.htm

It means £350 off the cost of a 7kW home charger manufactured by Wallbox, plus installation*.

The offer applies to any 7kW ‘Pulsar’ or ‘Pulsar Plus’ home charger currently available through E.ON Drive, and obtained via Nissan’s existing 7kW EV home charger and standard installation scheme. Customers will be benefiting from a saving of up to 33 per cent, depending on which model they choose.

The normal price of a Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charger and standard installation is £1,049 – but with the Summer Sale discount applied, that is reduced to just £699. For a Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charger with Power Boost, the price drops from £1,199 to £849.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers the ideal balance between small size and powerful performance. For smart charging at home, users can connect their charging point to the My Wallbox app to monitor the state of their vehicle’s charge; schedule charging sessions to coincide with times when energy prices are lower; and protect their charger from unwanted use.

Pulsar Plus with Power Boost offers all that, with added Power Boost technology for the best possible charging experience.

Frank Oldfield, Energy Services and Integration Manager at Nissan Motor (GB), said: ‘‘We are delighted to have formed this partnership with E.ON to offer these generous discounts on EV home chargers from Wallbox.

‘‘The Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charger is a great way to charge your Nissan EV and has a host of fantastic features to make electric motoring cost-effective and convenient.’’

Nissan has been at the forefront of the transition to electric motoring for more than a decade now. The all-electric LEAF has sold more than 500,000 examples worldwide and the UK arrival of the stunning crossover ARIYA is imminent.