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New year is often a time for reflection about what we want from life and work, with January heralding an annual boom in recruitment as people look for a better balance for themselves and their families. With this in mind, the latest guide from Work Pirates can help you get 2022 off to the right start.

There’s such a recruitment boom each January that January 7th has now been dubbed National Job Hunting Day. But one organisation is fighting for things to be different, so innovative working environments can be driven by empowered employees.

Work Pirates, which was founded by chartered occupational psychologist and coach Michelle Minnikin, together with her partner James Eves, an MBA-qualified Gallup-certified strengths coach, is offering a simple guide to anyone keen to plot their own work mutiny for 2022.

The guide, which can be downloaded from the Work Pirates website, details the simple steps anyone can take to solve their work-related problems, feel less stressed, and live a happier work life in 2022 and beyond.

The handbook builds upon this month’s online Work Pirates Gathering, held on Thursday (December 9th) and inspired by the success architecture developed by Tara Mohr in her ’12 steps to playing big’. As well as receiving a link to download 8 Steps to Becoming a Work Pirate, Plotting Your 2022 Mutiny attendees will be given the tools to achieve any goal in a kinder and more self-compassionate way.

Work Pirates culture captain, or Quartermaster Michelle Minnikin said: “Too much about the world of work is formal, serious, and frankly a bit scary, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our monthly gatherings, which are highly interactive and focused on problem-solving, make a real difference because they aren’t like that at all.

“Through sharing and laughing, we all learn more about how we want things to be in our working lives, and how to help each other get there. And all of that has contributed towards the creation of 8 Steps to Becoming a Work Pirate!”

James added: “We know that around this time of year, many people start soul-searching about how they can achieve better all-round happiness in the year ahead, and for a lot of people, this results in feeling they must make drastic decisions about their job or career.

“Hopefully, these 8 steps can help empower people from all rungs of the work ladder to think differently, and to gain the confidence and courage to improve their situation for the long-term.”

Find out more about Work Pirates Gatherings at workpirates.com/gatherings and to download 8 Steps to Becoming a Work Pirate, visit workpirates.ac-page.com/8-steps-to-becoming-a-work-pirate.

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