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Gino Pozzo Embraces His New Role of Football Club Team Owner


Jan 23, 2023

For Gino Pozzo, owning an English Premiere League football club is something that runs in the family. His father, Giampaolo Pozzo purchased a football club in Italy in the 1980s during his impressionable teen years. Pozzo had watched his parents accumulate wealth from their woodworking business, save money, and buy the team.

Son Observes His Parents in Amazement

A huge football fan who followed many teams, the purchase by his parents made an especially big impression on young Gino. The fact that they bought the football club at all was something he never expected, but his parents went on to surprise him even more.

The football club in the English Premiere League quickly turned its losing ways around to become a successful team under his father’s leadership. Both parents then invested in another team, which his father also transformed into one with a winning record. Gino Pozzo figured that if his working-class parents could make this kind of purchase and experience success with it, there was no reason he couldn’t do the same thing.

First Things First

Before Pozzo could operate a professional sports club effectively, he needed to attend college to acquire business skills. His parents sent him from Italy to the United States, where he enrolled in a degree program at Harvard Business School in Massachusetts.

Pozzo returned to Italy after completing a four-year degree program at Harvard. His parents offered to have him take over their woodworking business, since they were unable to devote as much attention to it after buying two football clubs. He declined, knowing that he would be much happier as the leader of a professional sports team than he would be operating a woodworking company. The decision not to inherit his parents’ business prompted another international move, this time from Italy to France.

Gino Pozzo Buys a Football Club of His Own

Shortly after he arrived in France, Pozzo heard that a team in the English Premiere League would soon be available for sale. The Hornets football club, based in Watford, had posted a losing record for several consecutive years and suffered due to poor management and leadership skills from the existing management team.

Thinking back on what his father had done for the two clubs in Italy, Pozzo knew he could do the same with the French team. To achieve his goal, he needed to involve himself in all major decisions that impacted the team, which is what prompted him to move from France to England with his wife and two children. Unfortunately, the move sparked rumors that he intended to sell the football club soon after buying it.

No Intention to Sell Watford Football Club

Pozzo’s move to England made some fans and sportswriters question whether he intended to follow through on his goal of making Watford a winning team. Other rumors also cropped up, such as that Pozzo wanted to end his obligation to the Watford Hornets so he could concentrate on running a sister team known as the Udinese in Italy. However, there is no truth to either story.

What Gino Pozzo plans to do instead is remain at the helm of the Watford Hornets and develop the team’s full potential. His first plan is to invest in a new stadium. He is open to working with investors or taking out a business loan to fulfill this part of his plan. Developing the Watford football club is always foremost in his mind, whereas he has entertained no thoughts about selling it.

The New Club Owner is Up to the Challenge

Other Premiere Football League clubs have a better record and more financial resources than the Watford Hornets do, but Pozzo does not let that get him down. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United are just five examples of teams that provide stiff competition for Pozzo’s beloved football club.

Pozzo feels loyal to Watford fans and wants to bring them a championship after they have spent years watching other teams take the highest trophy. Although Liverpool earned the title this year, he feels confident that he can implement several winning strategies with his own team in the years to come, just as his father did nearly four decades ago.

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