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Glasses are not just for sight correction – says Specscart!

Eyeglasses are turning more into fast-fashion accessories today. And Specscart can be thanked for playing its role. An eyewear Startup born in Manchester university in 2017, Specscart is working on a unique mission altogether. The fast-growing company has been competing with big brands of the industry with prices starting as low as £25. Plus, super fast delivery and top-notch quality. All this with one mission – to change the way people think of sleeping glasses.

Specscart believes eyeglasses need to have the same reputation as clothes. A way to amp up one’s style quotient. This change in mentality will revolutionise the eyewear fashion industry and people’s lifestyles incredibly.

When the world agreed.

In 2018, Specscart celebrated receiving the Venture Further Award that fueled them. Thus, leading to more innovation and dedication towards changing the way people perceive eyeglasses.

But the most challenging phase of a startup is when no one believes in it. Thankfully, Specscart won the Albert Gubay Enterprise Award in 2017 and realised it soon, that if they believe in themselves, the world will too.

They also won a shop alongside this award in Walkden town centre of Manchester, where they set up their first-ever retail shop. Was there anything special about this shop? Yes.

Try like there’s no tomorrow.

Someone who has ever bought a pair of spectacles from a retail shop knows how uncomfortable it is to choose a frame for their glasses online. The one that checks all boxes of style, comfort, colour, and quality is rarely the first picked pair.

But as it happens in shops, the person has to ask the shopkeeper to pass on the frame from all the options sitting behind glass shelves. Doing it once, twice, or thrice seems fine. What about the 4th time or the 10th? That becomes so uncomfortable that the person either drops the idea of getting a new frame or settles for something less than desired.

At Specscart stores, the frames lie on open shelves. This facility means one can pick any frame any number of times and try as much as they want. Outcome? No awkwardness and only the best pair chosen.

Even if you buy glasses online from Specscart, there is an option of a free home trial using which you can order a package of four frames for seven days. Yes, one whole week that too, free i.e. prepaid shipping on both sides.

What if the customer doesn’t want to choose any of them? They can return it and order another package of four frames again for free. Guess what? This cycle can continue for 5, 8, or even 10 times until the customer finds the right pair(s) they are searching for.

Fast-fashion can’t be expensive.

The average human won’t spend hundreds of pounds on a single piece of clothing or shoes. Then why on eyeglasses. Does that mean they will have to compromise on quality? Not at all!

At Specscart, the goal is to get rid of all middlemen and let people experience the essence of in-house created designs and material. While Specscart does sell other designer eyewear, its in-house brands Tom Archer and Marc Fabien always steal the limelight. That’s because they not only have impressive unbeatable pricing, the quality is also comparable with that of top brands.

Plus, there is also an option for glasses lens replacement. That means if one has a set of frames they love, Specscart will make them into new eyeglasses with new high-quality lenses. Thus, helping people save money to invest in more glasses.

This convenience implies, only one thing, that Specscart is after making their glasses as affordable as possible. After all, it’s not just about vision correction. Their mission is to turn eyeglasses into a fast-fashion accessory. And seems like they are ready to get successful.

What about vision correction?

An in-house team of technicians with an experience of over 20 years, brings with their products a guarantee of vision correction done at its best. Yes, all lenses at Specscart are made with full precision. They also offer free comprehensive eye tests at the store. So, if a customer doesn’t have the latest prescription, they can always avail it.

Specscart also provides eye tests at the comfort of homes and workplaces at a nominal rate. So, no corner of Britain has the excuse of not having the time for a test if they have bad vision.

The health of people’s eyes is also a big matter that Specscart focuses on. From blue light lenses to transitions, they ensure the stylish eyeglasses have their purpose of protecting people’s eyes fulfilled.

Blue light glasses are a pair consisting of X-blue lenses that shield one’s eyes from harmful high energy blue light. If not protected, blue light can lead to cataracts, dry eye syndromes, pain, headaches, macular degeneration and many vision problems.

Transitions or photochromic glasses are ones that can be used both outdoors in the sun and indoors. These change their tints from clear to dark when one goes outdoors and then back from dark to clear after coming indoors. Thus, they act as both sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Also, all sunglasses available at Specscart have polarised and UV400 lenses which protect one’s eyes from every particle of damaging rays of the sun.

Now, Specscart also believes that eye protection is well-deserved by everyone. That’s why every pair of eyeglasses bought with them is fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings. That too, absolutely free of cost. They also plan to make blue light lenses free with all these in the near future.

The ultimate dispatch service

With vision correction, protection, style, and quality, there is a checkbox that very few brands can get checked. It’s the dispatch timings. Specscart is famous for next day delivery and dispatch of eyeglasses within 24 hours. This service has been well-utilised by many people who need glasses made urgently. It is one of the USPs of Specscart and its inspiration comes from the story of Founder and Director, Siddharth Sethi.

After his glasses broke suddenly, the then student, Siddharth was told that it takes 7-10 days to make a new pair of eyeglasses which he desperately wanted for his exam the next day. It was the same day when he realised glasses were remarkably expensive for the average person due to which people don’t treat them as a fast-fashion accessory. That was the very day when Specscart clicked into Siddharth’s brain and so, was born the revolutionising eyewear startup.

Thus with a price as low as £25, super quality lenses, 24-hour dispatch, in-house designers, and well-experienced technicians, free home trials, and so many services for free, Specscart is set to making eyewear a king in the fast-fashion industry. 

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