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Go North East buses continue to operate with emergency timetables for key workers and essential journeys

Go North East, the region’s largest bus company, is continuing to operate its services to emergency timetables to connect key workers and those making essential journeys.

Government advice is to avoid public transport if you can, so that capacity is left for those with no other travel choices in order to assist with social distancing on board.

Go North East is continuing to monitor the numbers of passengers on each journey daily and has deployed bigger buses on some routes.

The company has also strategically positioned spare buses in key locations to assist with any crowding in the context of social distancing on board.

Martijn Gilbert, managing director at Go North East, said: “After last night’s announcement, we’re continuing to run our services for key worker journeys and essential travel.

“It is expected that a combination of those who can work from home continuing to do so, and those who can travel by other modes such as walking and cycling avoiding public transport, that it will keep capacity free for those with no other travel choices.

“This will enable us to continue with social distancing arrangements on board our services, with strategically placed spare buses across the region and daily journey by journey checks also being carried out, in addition to enhanced cleaning.”

To find out more about Go North East and to view emergency timetables, visit

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