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Gold Award for Richmondshire

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 14.25.53Richmondshire District Council has won a gold award for the management of its address information database.

The ‘Gold Performance Award’ in the Exemplar Awards 2016 was presented at the annual GeoPlace conference.  They celebrate excellence in service delivery – enabled through local government address and street information.

It is given to authorities that – in national tests – have reached and maintained the very highest standard on data excellence, and supply of regular updates to the national hub which manages receipt of address data from all authorities in England and Wales.

In presenting the award to Richmondshire District Council’s Information Officer, Stanley Kamuriwo, Kerry Pearce, National Address Data Manager said: “Richmondshire District Council has achieved the highest standard of address information data management.  Achieving this level demonstrates excellence and commitment to a process that brings local and national benefits.”

Richmondshire District Council Chief Executive, Tony Clark, added: “We are very proud to have been recognised for this work.  It is vital that addresses are kept up to date – whether it’s for the emergency services, to confirm our identities, or access services.  Without a good system we would all be lost.”

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