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Gold envelopes

ByDave Stopher

Mar 13, 2019

Gold Envelopes-The Hidden Secret for a Sterling Direct Mail Campaign

Although it is often overlooked, envelopes play a big part in your branding. Research suggests that paying attention to the size and colour of your envelopes together with the type of seal can make all the difference between someone opening your offering or putting it straight into the recycling. This suggests that gold envelopes may be preferable to brown. Let’s take a deep dive into what influences direct mail campaigns.

Size and Colour of your Gold Envelope

The size of your envelope plays an important part in whether your prospect opens your offering or not. Colour plays an important role too. When this is taken into account envelope size and colour is highly important.

If we think of the colour gold it conjures images of wealth, beauty, glitz, and glamour. As a mixture of yellow and brown the colour is also associated with romance and love. For direct marketing campaigns this is perfect. It can convey a wide range of marketing messages and the colour, feel, and appearance of the envelope makes it stand out from most of the other mail delivered that day. A little like a good title in an e-shot will get a click and a not so good one will not.

Although the bigger envelope tends to be opened there is scope for choosing the right sized envelope for the document. For example, if your offering is business to business having a bigger envelope may not be appropriate. Here is an overview:

  • C4 – A C4 envelope will hold a document that is A4 sized. This can be a brochure, catalogue, or anything you want it to be. Most householders will open an envelope of this size simply out of curiosity.
  • C5 – C5 envelopes are designed for an A4 sheet or sheets of paper folded in half. Again, if you are using a gold textured envelope you will probably get good open rates for a direct marketing campaign. This is probably the most commonly used size for direct marketing.
  • DL – DL envelopes require a sheet of A4 paper to be folded three times. Although this may not be the best for a direct marketing campaign it does convey a professional, business first approach. Depending on your prospects you may want to consider this as an option.

If you want to see an assortment of gold envelopes click here and choose the ones you feel are suited to your requirements.


Once you have the size nailed the next aspect to look at is the style. More specifically how your envelope opens. Again, like the size and colour, you will want to choose one that conveys the right message. Broadly, this breaks down to:

  • Pocket: Opens on the shortest side and very popular with business
  • Banker: This is a V-shape flap on the longest side. You have seen this on birthday cards and the like
  • Wallet: This is a square flap on the longest side

Businesses tend to go for pocket envelopes but this may not be suited to your offering.

Like all marketing campaigns, you will need to experiment to get the best results.