Buying a new set of irons can be a challenging endeavor especially if you don’t know what to look out for. This particularly, a concern for golfers with mid-handicap as players have the are already using different clubs with some level of expertise. As an intermediate golfer, choice of best mid handicap irons can vary significantly. Those who are continually improving will requires smaller sets for better accuracy and handling. If you only play occasionally, you might be inclined to a design that allows for some errors to be made because of the lack of consistency.

What To Look For As An Intermediate Golfer?

Despite not being ready for the first set of “player’s iron,” you still want something that feels good and has better feedback. The majority of manufacturers will brand them as “self-improvement irons” You should opt for a traditional sized head that focuses on game improvement.

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Gap And Sand Wedges

Unless you have both, it is always a good idea to have the gap and the sand wedges. There is a common misconception that the sand wedge is a specialty club that needs to be bought separately. The majority of manufacturers are nowadays making high-quality wedges.

 Steel Or Graphite Shafts

Most low handicappers prefer steel shafts. This is because steel-shafts send impactful vibration from the shaft to the hand. A skilled player will utilize this feedback in analyzing the contact. A stiffer shaft also provides better control which is necessary for effective gaming. A player that swings fast can benefit from the weight of a steel shaft as it reduces the swing speed thus promoting a smoother and consistent swing. The size of the shaft will determine the outcome of the shot. Golf shafts are a very important part so make sure you choose them carefully

Factors To Consider When Buying The Golf Clubs

Different variables go into playing the game of golf and if it fits into a motorized golf push cart. The most important variable has to be the equipment that is being used. Here are some of the factors that you should have into consideration when buying golf clubs.


The belief and confidence that you will hit a good shot are some of those factors that are often overlooked.  You’re likely to miss if you don’t have confidence in your ability and the club. The right size of the club will you give you the confidence that is needed for the right swing. You’re in trouble if you look down on your club and don’t have the confidence in the size.

Some people will find confidence in a bigger club while others see them as too bulky so they can fit into a remote control golf cart.  A smaller club is suited for people who value comfort and swiftness.

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A grip can be overlooked since it is a basic component of the club. It should be noted that it is the only point of contact between the player and the club. A good grip like the size will also inspire confidence. Comfort is a big consideration when deciding the type of grip that you want. You can go through different textures to decide on the kind of grip you want for the club. You can choose between a tacky wrap grip and one that has a coarse feeling to it.

There are performance considerations to have in mind when determining the type of grip suited to your game. Some grips might not be suited for humid conditions even if they’re your preferred choice. The size of the grip is also an important consideration when making the decision. The size of the grip will be dependent on the size of your hands. Even though the grip size is largely a personal choice, it should never be overlooked when selecting a club.


The overall performance is an important consideration when choosing the golf club. The accuracy and consistency of the distance will play a big role when looking at the performance of the golf club. A club could provide the needed distance but will not be forgiving when it comes mishits. You need to find a club that provides the right balance between distance and accuracy for optimum performance. It is easy to be carried away by pure strikes alone but this not the only important consideration you should be looking at. In addition to that, you also need one of the best sunday golf bag to keep all your golf clubs in one place.

To sum it, testing is recommended if you’re looking for a club whether as an intermediate or as a beginner. Don’t just look at the aesthetics as looks can be deceiving. Having the right size of the club will ensure that you’re comfortable.