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Great Opportunities on the Horizon for the North-East’s HR Experts

After the County Commissioners’ public meeting held in July in Northumberland, the county officials reached a unanimous decision to approve a 40-pence-an-hour raise for an overall 121 non-union employees, as reported by the Daily Item. Commissioner Sam Schiccatano had the following to say about the decision, “ I’m proud of what we’re doing…Things have been going smooth. All our departments are getting better…This is what I think right now is the best thing to do, to compensate our employees and build on our departments and make them better.”

Subsequently, as the North-East’s workforce continues to expand, more and more opportunities will be provided for HR experts. However, with great opportunities come great responsibilities, which brings us to the importance of human capital management systems that are designed to effectively handle expansion and business growth.

What North-East England’s HR Experts Can Get Out of Human Capital Management Systems?

In essence, human capital management is a piece of software that helps HR managers be more productive and avoid complications that may arise during business expansion. It was designed with the primary objective to increase efficiency, especially in the administrative field.  In other words, with this type of system, HR managers will find attendance and absence tracking a lot less difficult, not to mention that it can also help avoid unnecessary payroll costs, as well as reduction in staff morale.

Furthermore, business expansion also requires the ability to retain and attract new employees. Human capital management systems can help HR managers in achieving that through allowing employees to have access to their own schedule, and giving them the freedom to make requests, such as shift swaps. Subsequently, these properties lead to a more positive workforce, and can also boost overall staff morale.

The Need for Fresh Talent in the North-East 

The most recent news from Chronicle Live has confirmed that North-East of England will be looking at recruiting new talents in a few different fields, including the food manufacturing department. With that said, the need for HR experts will also automatically increase in various North-Eastern counties.

IAG’s director, Michael Weatherhead had the following to add, “We have experienced sustained growth over the past five years, which has led to the need for additional storage space. As a result, we are continually looking to recruit new staff to keep up with demand.”

HR experts have a great deal of responsibilities that require a lot of interaction and attention to detail. With the North-East’s growing need for new employees, HR managers will automatically be looking at a greater workload, but exciting innovations that we’re seeing can expedite some of those burdensome tasks.

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