Greyhound racing has always been one of the United Kingdom’s most popular pastimes since 1926 when the first track was commissioned at Belle Vue, Manchester. Today though, Greyhound racing has transformed from being pastime to one of the most enjoyed sporting activities , attracting a vast number of bookies along with an unimaginable number of gambling enthusiasts.

Before betting on this sport however it is important to think about a few things first:

What are some of the tricks on placing bets on greyhound racing and realizing profits? How far do race conditions impact performance and outcome? Does the running style of each dog really matter? Are the options and bonuses offered by the betting sites found on enticing enough? Here are important things you need to know before embarking on Greyhound betting:

  • Consider well drawn dogs as opposed to the typical and faster ones

Many dogs after a defeat in the races, will have a lower short price than before. It’s smart, even though a bookie might advise against it to bet on these dogs rather than the ones favourited to win as they will be more profitable if they win and they might just be recovering from an unlucky streak.

  • Keep a track of weather conditions

Track conditions may significantly affect the outcome of the dog race. When it’s wet and muddy, dogs racing on the wide area could be greatly favoured.  Conversely, when racing takes place during freezing weather conditions, inside runners will dominate as the track gets compacted.

  • Choose a young dog/pup

Are you aware that there have been times where young dogs have risen to the occasion to beat old and mature dogs in the race track? You should favour a young dog who still needs to prove himself rather than an old experienced one. A lot of people don’t know this trick and go to place their bets on what they think are mature and experienced dogs. At times, young dogs have outperformed the most experienced ones as they are eager for this race especially if they are racing for the first time.

  • Do your own research and visualise how the race could be run

This is one of the best techniques that will require experience, time, and patience. Race reading requires a significant amount of time to master. Try as much as possible to understand which tracks suit certain dogs, and which tracks pose a challenge to these dogs. To win, you will really need time and some experience so that you maximize your winnings.

  • Avoid putting your wagers on only one dog

Even though you may have a favourite dog, it would be a mistake to exclusively back it without looking into other options as well just in case the dog doesn’t win. Like in every other game diversification is key.  If anything, the favourite dog that always wins will have lower odds, so your profits won’t be so high.

  • Avoid Chasing losses

In the event that lady luck isn’t on your side on a particular day, just give up and try your luck the next time. Trying to place as many bets as possible so as to recover from a subsequent losing streak will only be harmful to you in the long run.