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Gucci or Burberry: brands we want discounts for most

Designer labels are one way to add some extravagance into your life, but with luxury items comes luxury pricing. So which designer brands do we crave discounts for the most?

Interested in securing the best deals, money.co.uk inputted luxury brand names alongside bargaining search terms such as “discount” into Google Adwords to uncover the brands people want to bag a bargain from the most.

The top 10 most desired luxury label discounts: 

Rank Luxury designer brand Average global monthly search volumes
#1 Burberry 248,870
#2 Ralph Lauren 238,850
#3 Gucci 237,580
#4 Lacoste 127,230
#5 Calvin Klein 121,050
#6 Rolex 111,150
#7 Moncler 87,000
#8 Hugo Boss 79,630
#9 Prada 73,220
#10 Balenciaga 54,980

Source: money.co.uk

Money.co.uk can reveal that discounts for Burberry are the world’s most desired. Famous for its trademark tartan plaid, markdowns for the luxury fashion house are searched for, on average, 248,870 times monthly.

In second place is Ralph Lauren. The American luxury label, founded in 1967, accrues an average of 238,850 combined global searches per month.

In third position is Gucci with 237,580 average monthly searches across the globe for reductions on products from the iconic Italian brand. Because of our bargain-hunting nature, Gucci has issued a warning on its website to discourage consumers from shopping for its products elsewhere due to the prolificacy of counterfeits.

Rolex (111,150) ranks in sixth place and is the only designer brand of those analysed that exclusively sells watches.

Completing the top ten is Balenciaga. Discounts for the Spanish luxury label are searched globally online an average of 54,980 times per month.

Please find the full results of designer brands analysed in this dataset.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at money.co.uk, provides his top tips on finding the best designer discounts:

“Designer brands are at the forefront of global high-end fashion. The reputation for these high-quality products entices those willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to get their hands on luxury goods. However, before splashing the cash on full price from a fashion house, here are some helpful tips to find designer items at the best price’:

1. Use trusted voucher sites – Global sites Vouchercloud and Groupon post live discount codes that offer up to 70% savings on designer brands. The codes are updated often, although you may have to search around for codes for specific brands or products that you wish to purchase
2. Search forums – Users of popular forum boards such as Reddit create discussion threads for discounts on a multitude of products. You can find these by simply searching for the name of the designer along with the word ‘discount’. These forums include allocated moderators who are able to remove any spam posts, although it is still suggested to be wary whilst using them
3. Find pre-loved items – Quality designer products can also be found in abundance on resale sites (e.g. eBayVintedDepop). The fact that the items are previously owned doesn’t depreciate the value of the product. Depending on the site chosen, users are able to directly message the seller to negotiate pricing and delivery costs. As counterfeiting can be an issue, please be wary when purchasing from resale sites
4. Collect freebies – Free products may be offered alongside your purchase. Always scroll to the bottom of web pages to find any secret discounts and codes.”

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