Evolution hair and beauty is a 5 star salon in the beautiful village of Sedgefield, BUT last night the North East’s very own ‘X Files’ team investigated it for Paranormal activity and left in no doubt that the building is haunted.

Before the investigation Owner Kimberly Gibson said, “Lights keep flickering, it sounds like there are people moving around the salon, but then there is no one there. The back door bolts keep opening. Shampoo bottles fall when no one is near and some of the girls have felt something touch there shoulders”

During the two hour early evening investigation (6pm till 8pm) the team heard footsteps in an occupied room, two separate cupboard draws were opened, someone was touched, the owner felt unwell for a few minutes, a door was knocked, a light was switched on and a very eerie conversation took place on the teams walkie talkies.

Owner of the M-Files Dean Maynard said, “This was the most active building, we have ever investigated. All of the reported incidents, on the night are unexplained, including the bizarre walkie talkie conversation, between a child and woman”

Self confessed sceptic Ritchie said “Im not a big believer but I tell you now, there is definitely a spirit in there”
The audio of the eerie walkie talkie incident, can be heard here:

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