With temperatures in parts of the UK set to top 38°C this week, the nation’s favourite coffee shop*, Costa Coffee, is preparing for a record number of orders of its handcrafted iced coffee range.

Sales of its popular iced latte are expected to peak at 3,750 an hour on Thursday, as the UK basks in temperatures hotter than the Bahamas. That’s more than one iced latte ordered every second!

The news comes as Costa Coffee reveals that sales of its handcrafted iced lattes have risen by over 30% YOY since 2017.

In 2018, Costa Coffee saw the biggest number of iced coffee orders placed on Friday 26 July 2018, when the weather was a scorching 29°C and is preparing for this week’s heatwave to break that record.

Figures showed that Londoners opted to sip on the most iced lattes in the country last year – and they might as well hold on to the top spot, as it is expected to hit a high 38°C in the capital tomorrow.

Iced coffee continues to be a growing trend across the UK. According to Allegra, sales of iced coffee in the UK continue to hot up, with the sector expected to value £660m by 2022,** in large part due to its growing popularity with Millennials and Generation Z.

Eric Tavoukdjian, Commercial Marketing Director at Costa Coffee said: “Iced coffee has been hugely successful in the US and parts of Europe for several years now, so it’s exciting to see this trend gaining traction here in the UK.

“There’s an assumption that iced coffee is simply hot coffee poured over ice, but in fact a lot more goes into creating the perfect, handcrafted iced coffee. From the size and shape of our ice cubes and how to combine the elements of the drink, to the 20-hour brew time of our special Cold Brew drink. Our iced coffee range is the ultimate refreshment on a hot summer’s day.”

Helping to keep its customers cool and hydrated, Costa Coffee’s iced coffee range includes popular fan favourites such as the Iced Flat WhiteSalted Caramel Iced Latte and the Strawberry Cold Brew Coffee.

This limited edition flavour combines expertly handcrafted coffee with a sprinkle of strawberry sweetness to finish. Brewed in store for 20 hours, this Cold Brew is beautifully refreshing and smooth, but with the delicate sweetness of strawberry to finish.

With a range of delectable, limited edition Frostinos & refreshing Fruit Coolers also available for summer, Costa Coffee is the perfect place to be as the weather heats up. Costa Coffee’s limited edition iced coffee range is available now and can be viewed online at www.costa.co.uk