People may still go on trips to NYC and Paris to fill up their closets with trendiest and newest high fashion clothes, but travel is no longer completely necessary. Sure, you can buddy up to a fashionista and ask to borrow their threads, or ask a well off relative if you can have their luxury accessories once they are done with them. At the same time, all fashion lovers know that there’s nothing like being able to acquire your own designer clothes new off the rack. So, why are hot fashions more likely to show up in small towns, cities, and villages, around the world? And do these luxury brands still make the same type of statement that they once did? The answer is yes, yes, and more yes.

Welcome to the World Wide Web

While designer brands have had their own company websites for years and years, there has been a surge in the number of websites that carry endless luxury designer items in a single space. Searching up Michael Kors can lead you to hundreds of results. Then looking up SSENSE Gucci sneakers brings you to a selection of authentic, high-quality, and modern footwear that will take your style to another level. The truth is that you can try shopping for designer clothes anywhere, but with retailers like SSENSE, shoppers can always anticipate what they are going to get. Once you have an order completed that comes as expected, the word spreads and one-time shoppers become loyal fans. The internet has made it possible for these types of retailers to carry more brands, offer better sales, and become a cut above the rest.

Department Stores Now Have It All

From Nordstrom to Macy’s, department stores can have everything from pressure cookers to perfume on display. What you get is a taste of homewares, children’s toys, clothing and accessories, and even power tools whenever you walk into a major department store. In recent years, they have also started to expand their selection of luxury brands. Men can feel a little more confident about putting together professional looks that complement their bodies thanks to the prevalence of designer clothing being available online at different department stores. There are more pictures of the clothing that they want to buy, a larger variety of male models, and just more overall dedication to men’s fashion. This is great for department stores looking for new customers as well as for customers who might be a little shy about shopping in person.

Trendy Boutiques Are En Vogue

Once upon a time, Betsey Johnson was just a small up and coming brand known for kitschy styles from a truly quirky designer. You couldn’t find Betsey Johnson in the same stores that you would find Gucci. Then trendy boutiques started to create online websites where you could buy what they sold on the floor. So, after a visit to Los Angeles where you found the most perfect fashion boutique, you could actually keep shopping without needing to head back in person. This helped more designers to become world known and helped trendy boutiques to expand.

Online Resale Shops Make Designer Brands Affordable for All

A lot of people look at fashion one of two ways. Either they want to get cute, new, designer clothing as soon as is out regardless of cost, or they are willing to make concessions in order to look the part. As much as everyone loves a good quality designer item, not all are going to be able to dig deep and find the money. And that’s okay, because there are now various websites that cater to a demographic of shoppers who have financial limitations. What’s more is the fact that fashionistas who are looking to unload their older buys also benefit from these kinds of online marketplaces. Online resale shops for designer brands are kind of a new thing. Imagine finding a gently used pair of Jimmy Choo’s for 50 percent lower than retail. Or, if you have a lot of fashionable attire from a couple of seasons ago, you can make a pretty penny listing it online for sale while also making quite a few shoppers happy.

Whether you are able to score front row tickets to New York Fashion Week or just know your way around the web, there isn’t a single luxury brand that can’t be had by the masses. And yet, people still swoon over luxury designer wear. When you get the newest Louis Vuitton trench coat, Louboutin heels, or Hermes bag, everyone notices and wishes that they had access to your wardrobe. Everyone from college kids to debonair granddads want to be known as the best dressed amongst their friends. Because people are more likely to shop online as well as the prevalence of trustworthy online retailers, you only need to know what you want. No more standing in line or trekking out to flagship stores. Just point your mouse in the right direction, have your credit card handy, and look out for your next shipment of designer goods.