SPRINGURU™NEWCASTLE creative agency Hedley McEwan has stepped into a brand new arena as their latest project sees them venture into the global footwear market.

Hedley McEwan has been working with a group of UK entrepreneurs for the last two-and-a-half years to help develop and launch a casual shoe brand under the intriguing name of ‘SPRINGURU™’.

Using technology from the mattress industry, SPRINGURU™ is a new casual shoe with micro pocket springs built into the midsole. Along with great cushioning, support and comfort, the shoe provides a unique springy sensation underfoot.

The micro pocket springs have been developed by mattress manufacturer and spring innovation firm, Harrison Spinks Ltd, while the 10mm high, conical springs are precision placed, pre-compressed in their fabric pockets by an ultrasonic welding process. Each pair of SPRINGURUs contains 34 micro pocket springs.

Other shoes achieve a cushioning or ‘damping’ effect by using EVA in the midsole. However, SPRINGURU’s midsole construction deploys a ‘spring and damper’ arrangement, much like you would find in a car suspension system.

Jim Richards, Professor of Biomechanics at University of Central Lancashire and part of the team developing the new technology, said: “This is a much more efficient arrangement and can lead to reduced impact forces and improved loading rates.”

‘Brand Invention & Re-invention’ is fast becoming a core part of Hedley McEwan’s service, and the company’s business development offer, beyond branding, is increasingly in demand.

Tom Hedley said: “This is definitely one of the most exciting and unique things we’ve done since Duncan and I started our company almost four years ago. It’s been a long process to get SPRINGURUS into production and bring them to market, and our involvement has been at every stage, even inventing the brand name itself.”

Duncan McEwan added: “The SPRINGURU™ team is massively experienced when it comes to the footwear industry, including associates from Oliver Sweeney and FitFlop. We’re extremely excited by the potential of these shoes and we know once people try them, they’ll want more.

“We love working on inventing new brands and helping existing brands rediscover their ‘mojo’. Amongst other projects we’re currently involved with, which includes whisky, vodka, gin and alcoholic chocolates, it’s certainly never boring!”

SPRINGURU™ is launching with one distinctive unisex design. The lace-less upper is made of a stretch ballistic nylon. It is tough, breathable and custom conforms for a perfect fit. The shoes look as ‘springy’ and ‘comfy’ as they feel and the outsole design is a nod to the mattress heritage of the pocket spring component.

For more information, call Tom Hedley or Duncan McEwan on 0191 375 9070.

SPRINGURU™ is being launched on the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter. Backers can pre-order a first edition pair to be amongst the first people in the world to experience SPRINGURU’s unique ‘spring in your step’ sensation. Visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1868606687/springuru-the-pocket-sprung-shoe