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Here is a way to grow your Instagram following

ByDave Stopher

Jun 9, 2020

For anyone running an online Instagram account, one of the most important metrics you have is your follower count. Without more followers to influence and to speak to, how can you possibly grow and build a large business online with Instagram? However, getting new followers is by no means an easy feat. That’s why many people today are using Combin Growth to help expand their chances of getting more customers. How, though, does it work?

Combin Growth is a powerful marketing tool that is used for Instagram accounts to help you bring in more followers. It helps you to further amplify and support your Instagram business, giving you a chance to build a genuine audience that is related to what you discuss. However, it does not just help you to bring in more customers and visitors via more follows and comments; it helps you to make yourself a genuine brand, an authority that people will listen to.

It improves audience interaction capabilities, makes it easy to analyse account performance, and ensures that you can overcome the competition. The way this software works is quite simple – it provides you with features that make sure you can easily tap into your audience. But how?

Start by finding your target audience

One of the most useful tools that Combin Growth has included into the service is the ability to locate and find your target audience. This allows you to look for people who are relevant to your industry and your niche. By hiding accounts that lack relevance to your industry and topic, this also helps you to get rid of accounts that are merely storefronts, scams, mass-follow accounts, or giveaways. 

Since you can search by various factors such as location, keywords being used, hashtags being used, commenters and likers as well as user posts, you have various tools to use when working with Combin Growth.

Get rid of non-following followers

A big part of Instagram success stems from having people who follow you back. If you follow an account, you need them to follow you back so they will see your posts. Combin Growth allows you to do this easily, giving you a simple way to help manage your audience by splitting it up into Followers and Non-Followers. You can then select all of the users from the Non-Followers batch and remove them from your timeline by unfollowing them yourself. If they aren’t helping your business, why follow them?

Utilise the power of influencers

Instead, you can use Combin Growth to help you find influencers who are in your niche and who could be a valuable asset to finding more customers in the long-term. This is where you can find it easy to start bringing in more influencers using Combin Growth, ensuring that you have people promoting your products and services on your behalf.

View your performance metrics

You could also use Combin Growth to help you track Instagram performance. This offer you more detailed metrics on things like how many followers you have, how many comments you have received, and the general speed of growth taking place within your account. Combin Growth helps you to see not only how your account is growing, but why.

Can you see, then, why a tool like this could be useful for your business? Why not boost your Instagram visibility today with the help of Combin Growth?