What does the term home remodeling really mean?

The concept of a renovation of an old house means the restructuring of objects (buildings and structures) for civil or industrial purposes. In our case, we will consider the most popular project that will amaze your loved one.

Reconstruction of houses and other buildings involves a complex of construction and repair work to increase comfort, roominess, and improve the exterior and interior look. The main reason for the reconstruction is the obsolescence of the house and its non-compliance with modern requirements for living or conducting any activity.

Therefore, the reconstruction is carried out to improve all conditions. First, the project is approved. Then, after coordination with the customer and government agencies (if necessary), construction works are carried out.

If you take the reconstruction of a private house or cottage as an example, you may be dealing with expansion, redevelopment with changing the supporting structures of the house, changing the facade, roof, and so on. Also, the reconstruction is associated with a change in the geometric dimensions of the object or a functional purpose or the replacement of individual structures and their elements and a change in the main technical and economic indicators. The reconstruction is carried out in order to improve the living and operating conditions (for residential buildings and cottages), improve the provision of services and increase production.



What does this project imply?

– Reconstruction of country houses (with superstructure and expansion);

– Reconstruction of cottages (which have not been exploited for a long time);

– Reconstruction of turnkey luxury houses (redesign of the facade, etc.)

– Strengthening the foundations before the reconstruction of the house, cottage;

– Increase in the number of floors of houses and cottages;

– Reconstruction of old houses and cottages;

– Reconstruction of administrative and office buildings;

– Reconstruction of warehouse and industrial buildings;

– Reconstruction of supermarkets and shops;

– Reconstruction of restaurants and hotels;

– Reconstruction of sunshine coast patios and decks.

Features of the design of the reconstruction of old houses

Special attention should be paid to the objects of reconstruction when it is necessary to perform work on the reconstruction of only a part of the house (for example, a house for two owners). In this case, it is necessary to conduct an engineering survey of the part of the house that is being reconstructed, and sometimes the whole house or cottage. The specificity is that the partial superstructure of the floor will have consequences for the neighbors (co-owners of the house), and it is necessary to apply technologies and measures to reduce the negative consequences of the reconstruction of a part of the common house.

Why is it profitable for you to order the reconstruction of a house in Alfa-Project?

– Complex implementation of the reconstruction of objects of any complexity;

– Accounting of all features of the object in the conduct of works on reconstruction;

– Deep knowledge of amplification and expansion technologies during reconstruction;

– Development of optimal design solutions to minimize costs;

– Development of new highly aesthetic facade solutions of the old object;

– Responsibility for the quality of work and compliance with construction schedules;

– Knowledge of modern building materials and technologies;

– Experience of more than 10 years in the market of construction services;

– The possibility of completion of complex nodes during construction;

– Feedback and trust from customers.

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