THIS week (9th – 15th October) is Hospice Care Week and St Oswald’s Hospice, based in Gosforth, is highlighting the many varied services they provide and dispelling myths about hospice care.

As well as providing a short break service for children with life shortening conditions, in 2012 the Hospice extended their service to care for young adults aged 18-25.

For young adults, the service is an opportunity to have independence from their carers and a chance to spend time with peers.

Although care is at the heart St Oswald’s, they aim to create magical moments and special memories for all the families they support.

Lewis Phillipson, aged 22 from Newcastle, speaks about how St Oswald’s has supported him over the last 8 years, and how staff and other service users have become good friends:

“I don’t know whether I’d be able to fit it into one sentence how good the staff are at St Oswald’s. They’re fantastic people. There just aren’t the words to describe them. They don’t talk to you like you’re a disabled person; you’re just a person.  Especially with the young adults, they treat you like an adult.

“Due to some personal troubles I’ve benefitted massively from coming to St Oswald’s. I’ve become more sociable, I’m happier, I have more friends, and being able to talk to someone outside the family is always helpful. Sometimes, when something has gone wrong in my personal or family life, the staff have always offered their time and support.

“St Oswald’s is a fantastic place for people with disabilities, and overall just a very nice environment to be in.”

Find out more in Lewis’ video clip:

Throughout Hospice Care Week, St Oswald’s Hospice will be sharing messages every day on their social media channels about how their services have grown to meet the needs of the local North East community. Follow their messages at @stoswaldsuk or visit their Facebook page at You can also get involved using #HospiceCareWeek.

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