Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 13.54.51GALLERY TS1.  1st. May – 29th. May, 2015

This is the first time the Alan Morley house and urban subject pictures have been displayed as a set. The series as a whole, to date, is not here but, this unique set forms a body of work at Gallery TS1 on Corporation Road which can be seen in context with each other and takes the viewer’s mind to imagined downtown, suburban and estates scenarios of Middlesbrough and Teesside. They are more than just familiar depictions of buildings; they are actual studies of real buildings, even though they might be superimposed into none accurate situations. But, our mind plays tricks on us and we buy into the fun and evocative portrayal of our town’s look. These houses are every bit in our DNA as is the industry of our heritage.

1. A Middlesbrough House. No.6 £295.00

2. Classical Theme. 295.00

3. La Middlesbrough Dance. (Homage to Matisse) 1/30 Giclee Print. 145.00

4. Classical Theme. No.2 295.00

5. Middlesbrough. No.3 295.00

6. A Middlesbrough House. No.5 295.00

7. Downtown Houses. 295.00

8. Middlesbrough. No.5 295.00

9. Middlesbrough. No.2 295.00

10. Middlesbrough. No. 6 295.00

11. An East Cleveland Subject. 345.00

12. Two examples of “House Portraits”. Commissions taken. 150.00