• Thu. May 30th, 2024

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How a 23-year-old multiplied his revenue by 10 in 12 months

The marketing world is changing, we’ve come a long way from the Mad Men style agencies. Brands are bored of big agency talk, smoke and mirrors, and confusing bottom line results.

There are thousands of startups that open their doors to customers every year, these startups all have one thing in common and that is the desire to succeed. Tight budgets, tight deadlines and the need to drive real success to their business. Cashflows are always an issue making the nice-to-have marketing redundant and futile. Startups need customers… paying customers.

Queue Monumental.

Monumental isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, or the way that marketing works. Quite the opposite. Monumental took a deep dive into digital marketing to find out exactly what works. Multichannel is the answer. Our ecosystem believes in pairing channels to leverage each other to boost the overall success of marketing. Maximizing budgets through the unique understanding of how channels work together technically and operationally but as well as understanding user journeys and behavior.

Growth marketing is what we call it.

The focus on driving bottom line success naturally attracted a number of startups to Monumental. Many started with just one channel and it wasn’t long till the results sparked an interest in adopting the full Monumental Ecosystem. Clients see their businesses, teams, revenue and even investment grow month-on-month.

Who’s the driving force behind it all?

Jamie Love. A multichannel marketeer with a number of years’ experience working across sectors. His experience proved the vital need for an honest, dynamic and results driven solution for the brands who are tired of the big promises and poor results. Jamie launched Monumental at just 21, he’s now supported by a team of digital geeks, creative moguls and marketing veterans to continue to wow clients but most importantly stay true to the passion of helping businesses succeed.

Monumental has multiplied its revenue by 10 in just 12 months working with SMEs in the UK as well as globally, having delivered work in Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and more.

Where now?

The Monumental bug has now caught the attention of multinational businesses. Some of the world’s most recognised brands have reached out to Monumental as the need for results driven, high growth marketing isn’t just for young companies.

With a constantly growing portfolio of Monumental clients, celebrities and corporate businesses alike, Love doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon and the words ‘Create, Optimize and Grow’, from the marketing man with the big quiff, continue to spread.