NOSES, acronym for National Online Self Exclusion Scheme, commonly known as GamStop has helped individuals stay away from gambling sites successfully. However, a significant percentage of individuals who have registered on GamStop are those whose decisions were influenced on the spur of the moment. The need to fix a wrong choice of registering on NOSES is felt by many, with most individuals choosing unfair means to dodge the system. Here are the best options for non Gamstop casinos that will let you get back on legal sites.

Gambling sites in the UK are permitted and licensed to carry on business on the condition that options for self-exclusion are offered to users. GamStop ensures that users get to prevent themselves from gambling by linking most of the gambling sites. In the event that you have wrongly registered, there are options that you can choose to continue gambling on online casinos. Before that let’s look at how the system works.

How does NOSES system work?

NOSES works by ensuring that users who self-register on the GamStop website are prevented from accessing any online casino or betting portal that is linked to GamStop. This service does not extend to websites that have not registered on NOSES.  Registration on the site involves a process where the user is expected to furnish certain information. For instance, the user is expected to furnish the complete name along with title. This will then become one of the fields which will be used to prevent access to gaming sites. Other details include date of birth, and the mobile numbers used for the purpose of registering with gambling sites. The email address of the user that is typically furnished at gambling websites are also provided. Finally, the residential address of the individual is provided at the time of registration.

All of these details combined to create a unique ID for the individual which then becomes a distinct digital identity that is blocked across gaming sites that are on boarded on GamStop. The individual who registers on the site will effectively be barred from accessing any of the gambling sites linked to GamStop for a particular period. This period is determined by the individual and ranges from six months, one year or five years. On furnishing this information, the user will then have to provide additional information as sought. This is basically for the purpose of identifying the user, through third party service providers.

There is a period of review  during which time the user can choose to cancel the registration, prior to completion of the registration.  However, after the registration has been completed, the user will have no option to change or revoke the registration. The only option is to wait till the completion of the period entered by the user. The time frame for the barring depends on the speed with which the gambling websites update their access and restrictions from the inputs provided by GamStop. Individuals who wish to overcome this barring often choose to furnish wrong information to the gambling sites after the registration. While it may work at times, it may not be effective all the time. The best option is to look at gambling sites that are not on GamStop.