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How Hemp Works Wonders Above and Below the Ground


Aug 24, 2023

Regenerative farming is an important part of agriculture. As plants grow, farmers use different cycles of crops to replenish the soils with microbes. The technique has been around for centuries, although in today’s times, demand for crops and industrial agriculture have all but wiped out the ancient techniques. 

Composts, microbes and animal droppings help to replenish the nutrients in the soil, creating rich topsoil perfect for growing crops. The microbes combine and multiply with other nutrients in this natural ecosystem which also takes carbon out of the atmosphere.  

Hemp, the Remediator

Mother Nature’s answer to regenerative farming is the hemp plant. The hemp plant absorbs nitrogen and carbon from the air and puts it into the soil in which it grows. This natural regeneration of the soil also uses very little water, making hemp one of the most sustainable plants on planet Earth. 

Known as a remediator, bits of hemp also remove metals and other toxins from the soil. Its deep roots help to bind the soil preventing soil erosion. As Mother Nature’s ally hemp promotes a natural biodiversity in the ground, where other plants leave soil lifeless. 

Further benefits are found in the plant’s natural pest and weed-repelling properties. Through an age in which the use of pesticides and herbicides has become common practice to combat invasive bugs and plants, hemp offers a natural, safe solution. 

Many Uses

Above ground, the hemp grown to help regenerate soil has many uses. The fibres of the plant can be used in fabrics, ropes, paper or even building materials. The seeds make oils, milk, cheese substitutes, protein powders and more. 

As the crop cycle of hemp is only around 100 days, farmers of the plant can expect to pull 3 crops a year. As the world seeks a solution to climate control, it seems that the hemp plant could play a huge part as one of the most sustainable plants known to mankind. Hemp works both above and below ground to make a better planet for us all. 


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