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How long does it take for vitamins to start working


Feb 22, 2022

Vitamins should be an essential part of your life. You should take them regularly- after contacting your doctor. They help boost your immunity and help you with various deficiencies. 

Especially during times of covid, you should take these vitamins. Doctors have been recommending them since the very beginning. There are various pharmaceutical companies manufacturing vitamins such as aor

However, the main question is how long does it take for the vitamins to start working. Do they take a day, a week, or a month? No one can really answer this question for you. This is mainly because this depends on the type of vitamins you’re taking, how often you’re taking them, etc. 

In this article, we will discuss how long it takes for vitamins to start working based on different scenarios. 

Deficiency levels

Do you have an extreme deficiency of a vitamin or mineral? In that case, you will need a longer time to rectify the deficiency. Also, you might need to take the vitamins in a higher dose to get rid of the deficiency. 

You should always talk to your doctor before taking these vitamins, though. If you take higher doses of vitamins, it can worsen your condition as well. 

The type of supplements you take

The type of supplement can also determine how fast a vitamin can work. Supplements taken in liquid form have a quicker effect as compared to the capsules. 

Capsules and tablets only contain a limited amount of dosage. Liquid supplements consist of the perfect dosage. Therefore, they have a better and faster effect.

Hence, it is always better to take liquid supplements. Also, powdered supplements also take their time to show their work. This is because when they are mixed with water, they do not act the same way. Therefore, doctors usually ask you to take liquid supplements. 

How long does vitamin B12 take to work?

Vitamin B12 is water-soluble. Therefore, it absorbs your tissues quicker. However, these vitamins work better when they are paired with other vitamin B. When all these vitamins come together, they work better as they all play an important part in a person’s body. 

How long does vitamin C take to work? 

Vitamin C is also water-soluble. Hence, it also gets absorbed quickly. If you have a cold, take vitamin C, and you will see the cold getting better within 24 hours. 

How long does vitamin D3 take to work? 

Vitamin D is fat-soluble. Therefore, when you take this vitamin, it takes some time for the nutrient to absorb. Once you take this, you will start noticing the effects of this vitamin in about a week. However, all the major effects of this vitamin can be seen in almost a month. 

What is the best way to absorb these supplements?

One of the best ways to get the nutrients in your body is by including fruits and vegetables in your diet. However, if you eat junk food, your health can still deteriorate. 

Therefore, with your diet, you need to take vitamins. There are various tests that can tell whether you have a deficiency or not. Hence, you should always consult your doctor first and then take vitamins. Your doctor will tell you what vitamins to take. The exact quantity, how to take them, and when to take them. 

To wrap it up!

It is always good to take vitamins regularly as they help boost your immunity and keep you strong. However, you should always talk to your doctor before doing so. 

Furthermore, don’t wait for them to show you an effect then and there. Like every medicine, vitamins take their time to work. You should be patient with them!

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