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How much does a glass coffee table cost?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 23, 2021

Good furniture can be expensive. While most of us aren’t aware of how much a chair could cost, it is very evident that we might have overpaid many times. Since interiors have been evolving with people choosing products like couches and coffee tables over classic chairs and tables for their TV lounge for dining rooms, the cost of the coffee tables is a myth. As most buyers are in a dilemma about buying a coffee tables especially a glass coffee table due to the sturdiness issues, its cost is the major concern. So here is a major insight in the costs of the glass coffee tables of various sizes and orientations. Furniture in Fashion offers affordable yet high quality rectangular and circle gals coffee tables.

Why a glass coffee table?

A glass coffee table will add a lot more sophistication, class, and elegance to your home. If you are coupling it with chairs or couch, it will be a very flexible option since it goes with almost all colors or fabrics of choirs and couches. It’s a cost effective option as well since glass used in the making is mostly tempered and blunt proof as well. Furniture in Fashion has been offering a very impressive catalog of the glass coffee tables at an adorable rate.

Cost considerations and estimated cost of a glass coffee table

The cost of the glass coffee tables start from £150 and go as high as £500 depending on the quality in which you are seeking the table.  It could be round table or a square or rectangular one.  You can avail a Dana Clear Glass Rectangular Coffee Table with Black Wooden Base from Furniture in Fashion in just £99. The price is astounding because the product is on sale. You can further avail Megan Clear Glass Rectangular Coffee Table With Chrome Legs or the Daytona Glass Coffee Table Rectangular In Clear With Chrome Legs in the range of £200 to £250. The rectangular glass coffee tables for sale at Furniture in Fashion offer a perfect opportunity to all the enthusiastic buyers to purchase the tables at an affordable price.

Shape and sizes don’t matter

When it comes to the glass coffee tables, FiF ensures that no matter what size and shape you chose you get the highest quality in the most affordable price. As mentioned earlier, you can avail a rectangular glass coffee table from £100-200. The similar is the case for the round, square and oval shaped tables as well.  You can avail Aston Glass Coffee Table Square In Clear With Metal Legs Or the Opel Oval Clear Glass Coffee Table With Sanremo Oak Base In the price range of £200 to £350 and that too in bigger sizes. All prices mentioned are the prices exclusive of sale so it is the right time to purchase them since FiF is offering a flat discount. The Dunic Glass Coffee Table Round In Sonoma Oak And Chrome is a classic table in round shape with a price range of £450 n it can be availed at £350.

So order your desired coffee table as soon as possible because the pieces are running out.