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How To Advertise With Zero Budget

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that a big budget is needed in order to advertise and grow their business, but this isn’t the case at all. There is no reason as to why a limited advertising budget should hold you back, not if you make the most of free and low cost advertising techniques. As is the case with digital marketing, you can advertise online just as successfully with zero budget as you can with an endless budget. Though this often takes a little more time and energy, promoting your business and generating publicity can certainly be done with zero budget. In fact, it can even be more effective than paid advertising when it’s done correctly.

Top Ways to Succeed With Zero Advertising Budget

  • Make the Most of Social Media – If you know anything about social media, you will know that it is a completely free advertising tool. It doesn’t cost a penny to set up accounts and it doesn’t cost a penny to post, meaning that it can be done with zero budget. There are a lot of different platforms to choose from, which is why it’s important to find the platform that your audience uses the most. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or even Google+. Whereas some audiences frequent Facebook, others prefer Instagram. You can build a presence on social media by regularly posting, using hashtags, linking to your site and encouraging engagement.
  • Promote Your Blog – It’s important to draw potential customers from social media to the website, but this is unlikely to happen with a standard post. It’s important to offer visitors something beneficial that your competitors are not providing, such as an answer to a question or industry updates, in order to keep them coming back for more content. This is easily done by maintaining a blog and posting link worthy content. Promoting on other blogs is also helpful and can be done by commenting on other similar blogs.
  • Organise Contests and Competitions – By organising contests and competitions, you can advertise services and products without dipping into your advertising budget. Giving away something for free is a great way to generate publicity as it gets people talking about what you are offering and how they can enter, all without costing you any money. There’s no denying that people are interested and enticed by the idea of getting something for nothing. Though you may lose out on the price of the product you are giving away, it does a lot in regards to boosting brand awareness.

Having a large budget can help in a number of ways, but it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to advertising. By taking the time to properly utilise free advertising tools and techniques, it’s possible to advertise your business with zero budget. When you advertise online, it’s an equal planning field for those with small budgets and large budgets.

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