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How To Choose A Cool, Stylish, And Quality Collar For Your Pet


May 20, 2021

One of the best gifts you can give your pet is a cool and classy collar. With the many options you have in the market, and the many brands that pop up with each rising sun, you want a combo of these two things; style and quality. A lot of other things also come into play when choosing the best or designer brand pet collar.

Here are some of the things you want to consider when picking a collar for your pet;


The first thing you want to keep in mind is the comfort of your pet. There are a lot of things that contribute to this;

  • The collar’s size

You have to make sure that the collar size fits your dog just perfectly. Anything too large or too tight would be uncomfortable. You don’t want the accessory falling off the neck. Neither do you want your pet experiencing pain and irritation because of a too-tight collar?

You need to know the breed of your dog as well as the size, and then you can correctly determine the right size for your pet’s neck. Most owners assume that anything that fits around the neck is okay, well that’s wrong. Measure the circumference of your pet’s neck before making any purchases.

  • The material of the collar

Different collars are made with different materials and they are all produced in different qualities. Make sure you know any implications there are over the type of material you are choosing for your dog. When checking out the material of the collar, check how lightweight it is, its durability, and also go for the non-irritating.

The Breed

The second thing you want to keep in mind when picking the collar is the breed of your dog. Different breeds come in different sizes, shapes, weights, and fur types. You want a collar that would not cause them any discomfort or loss of fur. You also want a collar that would serve you long, so make sure you can well adjust them as your puppy grows.

Different dogs also have different tendencies, characters, and temperaments. Some dogs are more active and are more likely to abuse the collar the most. Others are calmer. Make sure you also keep the activities in mind.

Style And Design

The next thing you want to put into consideration after the above two is the aesthetics. You want to choose a collar that will not only look good on your pet but one that it will love. This includes the colors, the style, the design, and the brands. You might also want a matching collar and bow, or rather a bowtie collar.

Colors and patterns that are simple and easy on the eye are quite the best options as far as you and your pet are concerned. Whatever the case, always make sure to balance safety and aesthetics, and put the comfort of your pet on the front line too.

Cost And Prices 

Cost is also one of the considerations to put into place. After all, it is what determines what type of collar you get. Typically, pet collars are not meant to be super expensive. But since there are multiple different types, designs, and colors in the market, they all come at different prices. Remember, quality, safety, and comfort always over price.

Also, keep in mind that there are multiple types of pet collars. This includes a flat collar, head collar, dog harness, slip collar, and more. One of the rising types is the hands-free leash.

Just like the name suggests, you don’t need to hold on to these types of collars. You can also get one with a retractable leash. This means you can have your pet leash-free if you don’t want to hold the rope all day but also attaché the rope when you need to.

By ozfetch