Choosing the correct badminton racket can be a hard task. With so many brands available online and offline it is really hard to know which one would be best suitable for us. For selecting the correct one we need to be sure at two things:

  1.       What type of balance does the racket possess?
  2.       How flexible is the shaft?

All the other factors revolve around these two factors only are some combination of these two or would have additional factors like price and brand. In this article we would be concentrating about the balance. So read more to get the insights. 

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The balance of the racket is where the racket’s weight is located. In this it can be divided into 3 categories:

  •       Head heavy racket
  •       Even balance racket
  •       Head light racket

Head Heavy Balance Rackets:

Head-Heavy badminton rackets are exceptionally mainstream with players who like to play an amazing game from the rear of the court, giving them additional mass in the head, which can expand the intensity of their smashes and clears. As these sorts of shots are vital to badminton rallies, players who are hoping to guarantee they can reliably deliver long clears ought to consider buying a Head-Heavy racket.

Head Light Balance Rackets:

Head-Light badminton rackets are increasingly appropriate for club players who are doubles unquestionably more than singles. The benefit of utilizing a head-light racket is that the head and frame have far less mass and are in this way a lot simpler to control and swing. This is critical while safeguarding against contradicting smashes, as you should respond as fast as conceivable to restore the shot. By a similar rule, Head-Light rackets are additionally substantially more attractive when playing shots at the net, especially if you hope to polish off conventions at the front of the court. If you want to play driving, quick and assaulting badminton when in doubles play, or are a singles player who has fantastic method and swing speed, you ought to genuinely consider a Head-Light racket. 

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Even Balanced Rackets:

The Even Balance rackets, as you may speculate, are intended to give a center ground between Head-Heavy and Head-Light rackets, to give the benefit of both, giving you enough force from the back and enough control and mobility at the front. If you have no inclination of playing at the net and playing at the back, or are uncertain, at that point an Even-Balance racket is the best option for a racket, as the racket will be appropriate for a wide range of shots. Most of the players presently carry different rackets for various situations, so if you are hoping to begin playing, the best choice would be an Even-Balance racket that will assist you with building up an inside and out game. Moreover, if you are an advanced and senior player or play singles and pairs as often as possible, at that point you may likewise consider buying an even-balance racket to give you something that will help in each situation.