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How to cope with depression without medication

ByDave Stopher

May 17, 2021

Having depression is normal if you are a human being. Depression is nothing but having a series of negative thoughts in your mind due to several circumstances. As A Result, the person feels gloomy, disheartened and depressed.

Most people don’t have an idea about the possibility of curing depression without antidepressants. Yes, you can cure your depression at home, medication-free. This text offers you alternative treatments for depressions without medication.

  1. Focus on healthy diet:

Healthy mind in a healthy body. To have a healthy body, you must consume organic nutritious food which elevates our mood. Just like you can’t drive a car without proper fuel, so an unhealthy diet can magnify your depression.

Study conducted by Esther Vermeulen (PhD candidate in nutritional epidemiology at the University of Amsterdam) discovered that people who eat a lot of fried foods, red meat, sugary foods, high-fat dairy products and creamy sauces go through more depressed moods than others.

Best food to kill depression: You have to add the following food to your diet.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits and Juices
  • All Types of Berries
  • Seeds
  • Nuts (Including Almonds)

It will minimize the level of depression. Highly nourished body is more effective at handling stress, recouping from illness and difficult life circumstances.

  1. Talk Therapy:

“Talk Therapy” can help you in treating your depression, if your depression level is mild to moderate. Many experts will always advise you for counseling services Australia to take the “Talk Therapy” before you take any medication.

During counseling sessions, “talk therapy” will be used by therapists to help you to explain the issues that are influencing your life in a negative way.

Therapist’s role is to listen, provide feedback and work with you to create an action plan to cope up with depression.

Counseling for depression mainly focuses on present thoughts, behaviors and feelings and how these factors are affecting your life at the present time.

  1. Exercise:

If you have mild to moderate depression, then both high intensity and moderate intensity exercise can be effective in curing your depression.

When you do exercise, it releases chemicals in the brain that can affect mood in a positive way. If we do moderate exercise, it’s been proved to release certain chemicals that help the nerve grow and create new connections in the brain which are responsible for mood.

I recommend that if you do at least 5 days a week and 30 minutes a say. Do any exercise you enjoy such as running, skipping, kickboxing, weight training etc. Don’t give up, stick with it and you will start to see a difference.

  1. Get sufficient sleep :

As an adult we need to get 7-8 hours of sleep to have excellent health. During sleep our body repairs itself. Sleep and depression are strongly correlated with each other.

Due to depression, it’s become difficult to get deep sleep. Having too little sleep can make your depression worse.

To beat depression, quality of sleep matters a lot. Make some changes in your lifestyle to improve the quality of sleep. Keep a fixed time every day to go to bed and get up. Remove all the distractions from your bedroom, such as TV, computer, Mobile phones etc.

Benefits of deep sleep:

  • Cure depression
  • Boost blood supply to muscles
  • Restore your energy
  • Enhance the Immune system
  • Repair tissue and bones
  1. Relationships:

Your relationships with others can make or break your mental health. Avoid the company of negative people. Interact regularly with those people who bring you up, avoid those people who bring you down.

It’s okay to be alone sometime. But be careful, don’t be alone for a long, else depression will start lingering around you. Learn to balance it.

  1. Meditation:

Meditation is a very powerful tool which will help you to treat depression without medication. Have a habit of doing regular meditation.

Meditation will help you to find the early signs of depression and can help you to stop those symptoms from getting worse. If you practice meditation regularly, it will stop you from falling back into depression for a second time.

Simple breathing exercises make wonders in your life. But I will advise you to learn meditation from experts. You can learn a pure form of meditation from any yoga experts in your city.


Due to a highly competitive lifestyle depression has become a major issue in America. It is estimated that at least 17 million American adults are going through depressions.

But the good news is depression can be treated in many ways. It is an absolutely curable disorder. Studies say that about 80% to 90% of people are getting easily cured from depression.

If your depression is mild to moderate then don’t go for medication directly. Always seek an alternative way to cure depression than taking antidepressants.