An MBA is an essential qualification if you want to join the top dogs in the business world and climb up to the peak of your career ladder.

It’s a good idea that you study for your MBA at a top performing school which places an emphasis on business studies and all that encompasses.

Having an MBA under your belt is an important element for your CV in the world of business, and having your MBA from a top school like Hult International Business School which teaches not only business but other core principles that surround it like people skills is an even more important element on your CV.

Ways to fund an MBA

The only real problem with taking an MBA though, is the cost. But, the good news is that there is a solution to this problem – crowdfunding.

Of course there are a fantastic range of grants and loans available to eligible students which can help many get access to an MBA, but crowdfunding might still be the best option for you if you are tight for cash, not eligible for a grant or loan, but still want to take an MBA at as low a cost as possible.

In order to get your MBA crowdfunded, it is important that you have a powerful and effective campaign in place beforehand.

It is almost like running a business and trying to get people to invest in your product or service – you need to have a business plan and a marketing strategy to entice people into your product, or in this case, you.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a platform which enables people to donate money to a cause or project that they believe in and want to help make happen.

It works almost as an investment, however people will not always get something back in return for their investment.

Anybody can run a crowdfunding campaign about anything – some people have even paid for their weddings thanks to the donations of strangers over crowdfunding.

Other uses for crowdfunding have been more community led, like providing some kind of help for a homeless person or doing up a run down local library.

Running your crowdfunding campaign

To run a successful crowdfunding campaign, it is a good idea to first think about why you are doing an MBA in the first place – in other words, figure out what your goal is.

People will be more willing to back you if your plan is to do something with your MBA which involves a compelling story and contributes positively to the world like starting and maintaining a charity.

Another excellent way to get people to believe in you and run a successful crowdfunding campaign is by showing them you are a fully capable person who is able to get the job done. One fantastic way to do this is to take part in projects which relate to your end goal.

For example, if you have a passion to make water accessible for everybody in a developing country, or something similar to this, you could be a part of missions which are already in place that are making this happen, for example like the Raleigh Project.

People will be more interested to invest their money in you and your idea if they know you are likely to do with it what you say you plan to do with it and there will be an expectation from them that you do so too.

This is also a great incentive for you to do the best job you can, as it means you are more likely to follow through with your plans if you know that not doing so will let people down whom are counting on you to make something happen with their money.

Relevant past experience like completing a charitable project will help people see that you are a viable candidate to complete a big task like starting your own charity, or something similar, as they will have evidence which is tangible showing that you actually have a result.