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Apr 21, 2020

All of our possessions have a certain value to us, be it monetary or sentimental. But as the number of our belongings continue to grow more, these assets can become a liability that may affect our performance and even creativity. 

For a substantial number of people, we can see how orderliness helps the execution and quality of their work. An improvement in productivity can clearly be observed when the workspace is optimized. However, we also understand that you cannot just discard all of your belongings. To help you get through such a hard decision of letting go, we offer you the solution of occupying a storage facility to gather your things near your locale in the UK!

If you are hesitating on finding an affordable storage facility that will favour your liking, we are here to give you tips in finding cheap storage facilities in the UK.

To start with, you must, first, know that storage facilities are flexible depending on your reason why you are availing, what you need to store, and how long you want to use it. Its usage varies depending on every customer, and they have the choice whether to use it for short term or long term. But for our suggestion, we recommend that you use a long term rental to get appropriate discounts!

So as you look for storage units, the right thing to do is checking the features of these facilities to help you feel at ease while having your items locked and stored. Some features to look for can be: 

  1. Accessible opening time
  2. Security surveillance
  3. Climate control
  4. Varying unit sizes
  5. Distance to your place
  6. Optional shelves
  7. Near waste disposal in the area
  8. Good lighting
  9. Wi-Fi connection

Many storage facilities have advantageous opening times that lets you access your storage 24/7! At times, some facilities are open even during holidays! So it’s good for you to freely access your storage unit without worrying about any time limit. But some still have its own opening and closing time for it to somehow secure your belongings more. Of course, 24/7 Access will reflect on your bill as the company will have higher overhead costs to shoulder.

If you are worried about the security of your belongings, they also have surveillance features that will lessen your worry. It is ideal for storage facilities to have strong monitoring of the units they offer to guarantee customers that they came to the right place.

Another good feature is having the ability to adjust the temperature or if you don’t need it, at least have it in a standard unit with no climate control so it won’t freeze or warm your belongings unnecessarily. Plus, standard units are cheaper! 

Expanding or minimizing your space can be easier than you think since there are varying sizes that you can choose from! Henfield Storages, for example, offer different sizes of storage spaces in Brighton and London. The smallest space is the cheapest, and if you are looking for a wider expanse, the price relatively increases.

For those who do not really need to go to their unit frequently, we suggest that getting a unit that is a little bit far from your location or going to storage facilities that are kinda hard to reach is a good move to get affordable deals. But for those who need to have constant access to their storage, finding storage facilities near your locale can be affordable too in terms of transportation! If you want to check nearby or far away storage units, you can easily find them on the internet! 

Storage facilities can even have optional shelves if you need it. With storage units, height is your friend as you can store more items when you use shelves.

There can also be nearby waste disposals on every floor or outside the establishment, for you to easily throw out garbage. For good lighting and Wi-Fi connection, these can be additional features that may call your attention. Although with these additional elements, it would mean that the storage unit you will be availing can relatively increase its price so if you are still aiming for cheap storage facilities, we recommend taking only what you need!

Along with the said features, it is also wise to check reviews about customer service to give yourself the benefit of having a reliable staff that provides consistent effort.

You can search for bargains and discounts offered by storage companies to get the best prices. In fact, you can consider renting a space in a newly built facility since they strategize to offer special discounts and promotions to increase their publicity, so take this advantage! And to really save, even on small expenses, it is better if you get your own lock. This move also guarantees your unit’s security.

The storage unit industry has your best interests at heart. Storage companies will always prioritise your convenience and ease of mind over any other factor.

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