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How to Make the Most Out of Your Night’s Sleep


Nov 5, 2020

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about dreaming of sheep jumping over a fence. There’s a lot more that goes into resting up well. Beauty sleep is true, as sleep helps with your skin quality, it helps your heart rest, and it’s important for your immune system.

There are so many things that make quality sleep so important, so you need to get the best possible sleep you can. If you find your nights are often spent trying to get to sleep, here are some tips to help.

1. Get electronics out of the bedroom.

Scrolling through your phone endlessly before bed? You should stop doing that. In fact, you should kick all computers, tablets, phones, and TVs out of the room immediately! It might sound strange, but the more electronics you have in the room, the worse you’ll sleep. Reducing blue light exposure before bed (15 minutes or longer before sleep) will drastically improve your ability to doze off.

2. Take healthy supplements.

You don’t need to take sleeping pills or other potentially harmful medication just to enjoy some peaceful sleep. There are plenty of ways to get it done in a healthy manner – the supplements at Private Label CBD are only one way. CBD is great, but melatonin (small doses, and be careful), vitamin D, magnesium, and lavender are all useful ways to get that quality sleep you deserve. Not to mention, these supplements are useful for everyday health, too, so it’s a win-win.

3. Change your bedding and mattress.

Your actual sleeping apparatus is likely a culprit delaying your ability to get quality sleep. Consider switching out your pillow for something firmer or softer that feels more comfortable. Combine that with a new comforter, clean sheets, and an adjustable mattress, and you can be in heaven. Mattresses, much like pillows, depend on preference, so firmness, softness, warming/cooling, or adjustable support are all useful criteria to take into account when shopping for this investment in your health.

4. Make your routine a habit.

Sticking to a routine is difficult, but for sleep, it’s a priority. It’s hard to get to sleep at the right time every night, but if you make a good sleep schedule and stick with it for 21 days, you can see the results ending up becoming a lifestyle. Turning this habit into a lifestyle change will help you sleep automatically. Late nights are okay here and there, but trying to go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up at an equally reasonable hour will only benefit you for things like school or work. Find your sleep routine and stick to it, and eventually, you’ll see how valuable it is to be punctual with your snoozing.

Being able to say you had a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a dream. Instead, you should be sleeping well and dreaming. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy steps to give yourself that well-deserved rest. These tips are small, but they help show you just how simple it can be to prioritize this critical factor in a healthy life.

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