Every healthcare professional deserves to feel comfortable and confident during a long shift. As you will be talking to many colleagues, patients and their loved ones, you will want to look and feel presentable. You also will not want tired feet or uncomfortable scrubs to distract you when administering intravenous infusions or taking a patient’s blood pressure.

For the above reasons, you should read the following advice on how to pair comfort and style with your healthcare uniform.

Choose comfortable scrubs

Uncomfortable scrubs can make a long shift seem like forever. For this reason, you must buy industry-approved scrub sets that are comfortable and antimicrobial. In addition to buying sets, you also can purchase individual uniform items to match your needs, such as a scrub tunic or scrub trousers. If you need durable yet comfortable healthcare uniforms that are guaranteed for two years, you should find high-quality scrubs online that will match your dress code.

Wear metal stud earrings

Many hospitals and medical practices are happy for their healthcare professionals to wear one pair of metal stud earrings, which should not feature stones. While they must be plain and discreet, it will allow you to inject a little of your personality into your uniform, which can help patients to see the person behind the profession. Of course, you should review your hospital or practice’s dress code before you do so.

Apply a little makeup

Healthcare facilities often allow their medical professionals to wear discreet makeup during a shift. It could help you to appear more presentable and could boost your confidence each day. While it might not last towards the end of a 12-hour shift, a little bronzer or lipstick could lift your mood when you first arrive at a hospital or practice. Again, review the dress code policy to learn more about a facility’s makeup rules.

Pick the right footwear

Most hospitals will have strict rules when it comes to footwear, such as no open-toed shoes. You can, however, feel more comfortable during a shift by wearing clogs which must be dark, safe, and clean. While policy restrictions will limit the type of shoes you can wear, they also can help you to personalize a uniform and feel more comfortable during a long shift.

Express your personality with a watch

A wrist or fob watch can be a great way to express your personality when wearing a healthcare uniform. For example, you could wear a colourful design to reflect your fun personality, or you could appear stylish and sophisticated by wearing a watch with a gold or silver bracelet. There might, however, be times when you might be unable to wear a wristwatch, such as when providing clinical care.

While there might be many rules to follow when wearing a healthcare uniform, you can find ways to boost your comfort and style during a shift, from finding loose-fitting scrubs to wearing a watch. As a result, it could boost your confidence and help you to survive a long, challenging shift.